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Special appearance:

Cameron Diaz as Kelly

Events occur in real time.

the white house
washington D.C

The air was cold, with a crisp breeze, the streets were unusually busy for that time of night, tourists still snapping photo’s from a distance, completely oblivious to what was about to expire.

Without warning, the entire whitehouse combusted into flames, the explosion rocking the earth like a sonic boom, the skyline lit up for miles.

Downing street
London, England
It was the middle of the afternoon when the lives of so many english was changed forever, the blast taking out several houses in downing street.

Black smoke filled the sky, ash rained down in london for miles around ground zero.

Los Angeles, CA

Bill Buchanon picked up the phone, His words were filled with horror

“Yes Mr. Secretary, We are set to condition !”

Secretary Arnold was on the other end of the line, he was traveling down in to the bunker beneath camp david. “Bill, I don’t have to tell you what we are about to face, both the president and prime minister of england have been assassinated, get your best men on the case, call Jack immediately”

“yes mr. secretary, we will do our upmost to defend this country” Bill snap his cell phone, placing it in his pocket.
“Chloe, get jack here right away, call also, have them both here ASAP”

Bauer Apartment
Los Angeles, CA

His heart pounded, perspiration beaded from his forehead, he could taste the salty sweat on his upper lip, Jack could not believe what he was watching, never seen anything like it before, his eyes were glued to the television, like a boy seeing a naked woman for the first time.
His hand glided down his erect shaft, watching his new hardcore fuck flick, his cock was short but very thick, purple veins lining the circumference, he had a pronounced cock head, he stroke faster as the action on the tv got more serious.

Just then the phone rang, a sharp ringtone, not even bothering to tuck away his erect penis, he picked up his cell phone.
“Bauer here” gathering his breathe.
“Jack it’s Chloe, Bill needs you here pronto, I take it your already on your way” Chloe assumed because of the obvious lack of breathe in his tone.
“Chloe, tell bill I will be there in the morning”
“JACK....... have you been watching the tv”
Jack looked at the TV, the DVD still playing, he noticed he missed the big finish, watching as the chicks on the film swap cum in their mouths, his cock rising to its previous state, “No chloe i was reading” Jack turned the TV to any channel.
He dropped his cell to the floor, the door slamming seconds later.

Los Angeles, CA

The door to your apartment sprung open, you are very excited to be home, your gorgeous new woman in your life has been teasing you all the way home from the restuarant, dry stroking your cock whilst you were driving back, exposing her tits to you from the passenger seat, you have only one thing on your mind, that is to fuck Kelly silly.

You meet Kelly three weeks ago at a CTU training school in Washington, you noticed the moment you laid your eyes on her, that she was mad about you, never being able to fuck her before you were eagerly anticipating it.

Kelly was a ten, a natural blonde, had the perfect body, perfect sized breast, tight buttocks, everything that any man could dream off, she also had the deepest eyes, you could get lost in them. She seemed to be very kinky, she was very open sexually, and who are you to ignore her needs.

Just moments after you kicked the door closed the house phone went off, you had Kelly pinned to the door, her long legs wrapped behind your thighs, her perfume so strong, it drove you crazy.
You hesitate whether or not to answer the phone.


What do you do?

          Ignore the phone


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