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Ancient Royal Incest | crono04 | 5


You think for a moment. This wasn't the challenge you had hoped, but she was an uncommonly beautiful woman. You could go after someone less initially willing later. For right now...

"Pull down my pants and when my penis comes out, lick it like you used to lick sweets."

Her face lights up and she does as you say. Your pants come down and your semi-hard cock is released. Rachael looks at it with excitement and a smile. She gives it a small lick, tasting it. She giggles once and takes about half of it into her mouth, sucking your dick with surprising skill. She moans 'mmm', and from that and her enthusiasm, she must be enjoying this. She pulls back, letting her lips slide along your cock as the tip passes through them, looking up at you with a big smile.

"If i tell you a secret, will you keep it between us?" she asks.

"Of course."

She lowers her voice. "The last time we were alone together and you fell asleep, i did this. I put your penis in my mouth and tasted it."

"You did?"

"M-hm. And i liked it then, too. Ever since, i've thought about doing it again. And about..having it inside me another way, too. Plunging in and out of my body. Hard and thick. Taking my purity while i begged you to do so." As she spoke, her own words were obviously turning her on, as her breathing became shallow and more rapid. Then she looks up at you and stands up, her dress falling to the floor around her. Now all shes wearing are white silk panties and a garter with stockings. She hugs you, grinding her pussy against you and cupping her breast with one hand. "Oh, Ken. Will you make my dream come true? Will you make love to me, make me a true woman?"


What a question...


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