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Ancient Royal Incest | crono04 | 4


You wait until Rachael's door closes, then look around for the handmaid. She isn't around, so you stroll toward the door. No sooner do you turn the corner than you see Rachael's grinning, and blushing, face. You stop.

"You were going to try to watch me change, weren't you?"


"I knew it. Haven't grown out of playing 'you show me yours', have you? I'm..not upset, of course, but..."

"But?" you ask, intrigued by her calm, almost happy reaction.

"But wouldn't you prefer a better view? After all, peeking through a keyhole hardly befits a prince, right? Come with me." She smiles, turns and beckons you to follow her, making sure to shake her ass as she goes into a room. You follow her and see the room is a wardrobe. She smiles and lowers the shoulders on her dress, exposing to you her own smooth shoulders. Her eyes lower then raise to meet your's, as though asking if you like her body so far. You smile to show her you do.

"You want to see all of me, don't you?" she asks, knowing the answer. You admit you do and she sits down, crooking her finger enticingly. "Then you must undress me yourself. Come to me," she giggles, getting into this role of seductress. You move in front of her and slip the shoulders down further, soon uncovering her perky breasts. She blushes and reaches up, fingering your hardening cock. "So, cousin," which she says in a way that makes it seem extra sexy, "what exactly would you have me do with you?"


Yes, what?

          How about a lick to start with

          Whatever she wants.


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