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Ancient Royal Incest | crono04 | 3


The journey to your cousin Rachael's home is short, as she did not wander far from where she grew up. You exit your carriage and approach her home, a mansion on a high hill overlooking a lake you remember from when you were a boy. You knock on her door and a young handmaid opens it.

"Y-your highness! Welcome!" She steps aside and bids you enter, which you do.

"Would you tell your lady that I am here?" you say, not exactly asking but polite enough for a handmaid. She says she will and goes to get Rachael. As she goes, you notice that under her modest clothing, this servant girl may be very beautiful. Perhaps if Rachael is unwelcoming of your proposal, her servant will do. The handmaid comes back out and stands by the doorway at attention.

"Lady Rachael," she introduces. As she finishes it, a being who could be only an angel of the highest choir or your cousin Rachael steps slowly into the room. She is a bit shorter than you with long blonde hair and wearing a white dress that, while not overtly revealing, lets you know that she's grown into a beauty.

Rachael turns to her handmaid, thanks her and asks her to attend to other business. 'her graces have matured, as well', you think. Indeed, the lady-like woman before you seems different from the girl you remember. Slight disappointment goes through you. However, when the handmaid leaves, Rachael grins, runs to you and squeezes you tightly, hanging from your neck.

"I'm so happy to see you! It has been so long!" she gushes as a slight blush crosses her face. Up-close like this, you see shes used lipstick. For you? That would be a good sign. "What brings you to my humble home?"

"I simply wanted to see you. As you say, it has been a long time. Will you join me down at the lake?"

She smiles. "You don't have to speak so formally around me. But yes, I will come with you. Oh, but this dress. If it gets dirty, mother will yell at me again. Wait here while I change into something else, alright?"

"I shall wait then."


"..I'll wait."

"That's better. No peeking, now." She winks and leaves down a hallway, checking over her shoulder to make sure you see where she's going.


Peek or wait?




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