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Weekend In An All Girls Dorm | mysterious100 | 2


A few minutes later, Ellen rushes towards you wearing only a towel!

"The dress code here must be really casual" you say to her.

"Ha, ha very funny. I was in the shower when you called."

She gives you a big hug, and while she carefully holds the towel in place, you get a very nice glimpse of her ample cleavage. "Good news, Cathy is away this weekend. She's on a road trip with some organizing committee, so she'll be bossing someone else around. That'll mean we're free to do anything we like this weekend."

"Great, do you have anything planned?"

"Loads, but first let's go up to my dorm room so I can get dressed properly."


What would you like to do?

          No, lets do something else first!

          Lead the way.

          Get to Ellen's room asap!


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