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The Mailroom Guy | mysterious100 | 11


"That was close. I wonder how she'd have reacted if she knew what we were really doing?" you say.

"Maybe she knows." says Becky before smiling and adding "she seemed to be having a very long look at you."

A short while later, the courier arrives and collects the package. You and Becky then decide to start your rounds.

You're pushing the mailcart round the PR department, when you pass Trish's office. She waves you and Becky in.

"The package is on its way." you inform her.

"Thank goodness. Could I ask you for a further favour ?"

"Sure, what is it?"

She points to a large row of shelves in her office. There's a ladder leaning against the shelves which slides alongside it. "There's some boxes on the top shelves that I need for a presentation. Can you give me a hand to get them down?"

"No problem. We're not too busy this morning." you reply.

You start to move towards the ladder when Becky suddenly interupts. "I'll do it" she says eagerly.

She quickly scoots up the ladder "I'll pass the boxes down to you ."

Trish points out the first box and Becky reaches up and hands it to you. You take it off her and place it on the floor. As you crouch down, you look up towards Becky and realise you can see right up her tiny skirt all the way to her bare ass and pussy.
You almost gasp. As you reach up for the next box, Becky turns away from Trish and winks at you. You realise she knows
exactly what she's doing and what kind of view she's giving you. That's why she was so eager to be the one to go up the ladder.

Becky's show continues as she gets box after box. A few minutes later, following Trish's instructions, Becky slides over to the shelf nearest the window.

"There's one right at the top" Trish instructs her.

Becky climbs a couple more steps and you realise that you hardly have to bend down any more to look all the way up her skirt. You know Trish is slightly shorter than you, and you begin to worry about what kind of view she has.

The sunlight streams in from the window and illuminates Becky's slim shapely legs. Suddenly you have something else to worry about. You notice something running down her thighs. It takes you a split second to realise what it is.

It's your cum from the encounter you and Becky just had in the mailroom!


Do Becky or Trish notice?


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