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Ancient Royal Incest | vic_elor | 7


By the time your little sister awakens the next morning you’ve already been awake for hours simply staring out of your bedroom window out onto your capital city.

You remain in silent vigil as you hear Anna begin to stir in your bed behind you.

“What are you doing Ken?” She asks you in a quiet tone.

“I’m just watching…. and thinking.”

“About what?”

“Our future.”

“Oh,” Anna asks in a hushed tone, “are you regretting what we did last night? Because if you’ve changed your mind and want to marry someone else, someone that you actually love, I understand.”

“That’s not it at all Anna, and please never think of such things again. I want you, I love you, and I choose you and no one else.”

“Do you really mean that Ken?”

“Of course. And as I was saying, I was thinking about our future. This country has a new golden age ahead of it now that its prince has finally found the right woman to share his thrown. I finally have the soft, loving, brilliant girl that I’ve watched grow up and longed over for years waiting for you to reach the age where you could love me back. We’ll be happy together and so will our people.”

“My king, please come back to bed. The future can wait, I want you now.”

You smile, happy to go back to bed with your loving little sister.


What next?

          Reassure her that you do love her


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