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A Black Girl's Revenge | remfan55 | 1


Shawna was in her car on her way back to her apartment. She had just finished a session of her African American History Class. The professor was a known expert in the field. After all, it was one of the most prestigious universities in the state.

“Fucking white power structure,” she muttered to herself. Her class had just recently finished the unit on slavery, and was now studying southern segregation. Shawna herself grew up in the deep south and had to work against racism for a long time. It had made her pretty angry against the “white power structure” for a long time.

Thinking back to her days in the south reminded her of the black boy James who she grew up next door to. Sometimes, the white boys used to tie her up naked and violate her. But James was the size of a tank. If he heard her scream, he’d come to her rescue, fight off the scrawny white boys, and bring her back to his house. But behind closed doors, he was the most submissive little boy toy she could have ever imagined. Shawna loved getting on top and telling him what to do and how to fuck. The incredible scene was just compounded by the fact that he was 4 times her size at least, but obeyed her like a child, as she’d orgasm over and over again with his tongue on her clit. She couldn’t help but drift off and stick her hand down her pants as she stayed on the road…

She passed by a few cars, narrowly avoiding accidents. She passed by trees. She passed by the large posters advertising the missing student, a blond sophomore named Amanda who had been missing for a few days. Lucky for her, she stopped fingering herself just before she passed by a cop car. Narrowly avoiding a speeding ticket, she looked in to see two white men glaring at her. “Fucking white power structure,” she said again, snapping back into reality. “Keeping us down for centuries.”

Shawna pulled into her apartment complex and stepped out of the car. She noticed her black friend Henry in the parking lot, as he approached her driver’s side door. “Hey Henry,” she said, getting out of the car and pressing her body up against his. She went in for a kiss, and as Henry closed his eyes, she slowly pulled away, making him chase. She giggled as he missed his kiss.

“You’re such a tease, Shawna,” he said.

“And you love it,” she responded. “Why don’t you come to my place some time this weekend? I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“Oh yeah? Finally going to let me eat you like I’ve been begging for?”

“No, not that…Well, you’ll see.” Then she grabbed his crotch and stroked it hard once before walking away, giggling.

She got to her apartment, opened the door, put her books down on the coffee table and went to visit the white girl tied up in her bedroom. She opened her bedroom door and Amanda looked both relieved and frightened to see her. The poor blond was tied in a kneeling position in front of the door, her ankles attached to her wrists and her mouth filled by a ball gag. She was sweaty from fear and the heat and had no clothing on. Her large breasts heaved with anxiety and a great deal of horniness. Shawna had put a remote control egg in Amanda’s twat - after, of course, she shaved it. Shawna had taken the remote to class with her. What luck it had such long range, and she could tease her toy from miles away.

Shawna came in and sat down on her bed. “We learned about Jim Crow in class today,” she said to the gagged girl. “You probably know a little about that. It was just another move by you white fucks to destroy us. Well, for once, a white bitch is on the receiving end. You’re going to know what it’s like to be a slave, just like my ancestors were for yours.”

Amanda had no idea what she was in for and her breathing got heavier. There was a hint of excitement in the back of the white girl’s mind. She had BDSM/slavery fantasies, but this…it was just sick that this was turning her on. She pushed the horniness to the back of her mind as best as she could. She would resist the crazy black girl.

“First things first,” said Shawna as she went to her dresser drawer.


What's first?

          Amanda gets whipped and hogtied

          Fucked in the ass


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