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A Hitch In Time | ponyboy | 2


I pick up my things and move to the car I get to his door and open it. The driver for a man in his forties he asked me "Where are you going?"
I told him "I am going home I need to get the station and catch a train."
He took one look at me and said "You had better change out of those wet clothes. How would you like to come back to my place it's not far? You can have a hot shower and a hot meal. Your back pack looks as soaked as the rest of you so I am thinking you most likely don't have any dry clothes to put on. Five minutes in a tumble dryer and we will have some dry clothes for you to put on."
The offer sounded too good to be true - if only I had listened to the little voice in the back of my mind.
But instead my stomach was saying "Hot food." My body was saying "Dry clothes fresh from a dryer." My lower half was saying "My first chance to use a real toilet."
The little voice telling me not to get into a strange man's car was drowned out.
His house was not far away. But it was off the main road.
Once we got there, he introduced me to his brother John. His name was Damien Thompson and he and his brother had shared the house for years.
He showed me where the shower was and gave me a towel.
He then waited while I undressed so he could take the clothes I was wearing and put them straight in the dryer.
It was weird - he checked me out as I undressed and he took his time leaving the bathroom.
I got in the shower and let me tell you it never felt as good as it did then, my tired cold body soon warmed up under the flow of hot water.
I got out of the shower but Damien had not returned with my clothes.
All I had was the towel I had dryed myself with.


Where is Damien with my clothes?

          The dryers is taking a little longer


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