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A Perverted Family | ponyboy | 3


"I have dreams about your mother all the time it doesn't mean a thing. But maybe you should tell me about one of your dreams?"
"Well the one I had last night I was laying in bed. She came in to get me up for school. She pulled the blankets off of me and saw I was naked in bed with a boner. She quickly climbed on and rode me. I would watch as her tits bounce and her arse would go up and down on my cock until I came. Its the same dream most nights some times she sucks me off. Other nights its not even her its Jenny."
"Most people go through that fase it has to do with living under the same roof to long. You may want to think about getting a job and moving out?"
That night Tom's father told his wife about Toms dreams.
She got out of bed and looked at her husband. "So he dreams I pull the blankets off of him like this." When she looked her husbands cock it was not erect like had hoped. "Then I kneel beside the bed and suck him off like this?"
It had been a long time since she had swallowed. He watched as she took hold of his cock and start to suck it.
He had a good view from the side of her face and she fucked her mouth on his cock. She used her tongue and it was not long before he found himself cumming.
She quickly caught it all and swallowed ever drop.
She picked the blankets back up and covered him and he quickly rolled over and went to sleep.


What will she do now?


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