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Clash of the teen titans | Shendude | 12


After the mindblowing experience of Slornd'ka, you realized you were too tired to continue.

You reluctantly informed Starfire. She just shrugged, kissed you again, then slipped out of the bed, quietly leaving the room.

After she left you laid your head back on the pillow, and fell asleep.
The next morning you went downstairs, half convinced the whole wonderful experience of last night was a dream.

Except for Beast Boy and Starfire, the other Titans were already up and eating breakfast. You prepared your own and began to eat, when Starfire came in.

"Good morning, Friends!" she said brightly, before sitting your lap and kissing you, to the astonishment of the other Titans.

She broke the kiss and continued speaking, "Good Morning, darling Slornf'bri! I wish you to perform the Slorng'sha now, please!"

And with that, she pulled off her top, and presented her breasts to you.


How do the other Titans react?


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