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Next Door Wife | getter | 7


The raging boner in my pant urge me to get some action, I can’t wait any longer to get my hand on that sweet sexy body.

“Listen sexy, you better do exactly what I told you, unless you want to get hurt!” I pull out the pocketknife in my pant, and wave it around her beautiful yet frightened face.

“What…. What do you want to do with me, I can give money, please don’t hurt me.” Her innocent blue eyes were full of fear, her body shiver as she speaks with a shaking voice.

“No baby, I don’t want your money, I want something more precious. Now turn around and put your hands behind your back!” I yell at her and put the edge of knife on her creamy white cheek.

Under the pressure of my pointy knife, she has no choice but to follow my order. When she turns completely away from me, I pull my belt off my pant and tied her hand up from behind. Now she stand there bounded and helplessly, I turn her body around and begin to grope her silky white boobs.

“No, stop! Help! Please… please stop, if you let me go now, I won’t mention this to anyone… ah…..!”

As she scream for help, I grab her black thong from the floor and stuff it into her mouth, now all she can do was whimper. I quickly carry her wet and naked body on my shoulder and move her to the bed. Her long sexy legs kicks at the mid air as we leave the bathroom, however such resistance was no use against me, it only make me more horny.

When I throw her into the bed, the phone near the bed started to ring, and of course I’m not going to answer. After a few rings, the answer machine was on.

“Hi Hon, how youse doin? I guess you’re not home right now, I really wish we can spend the week together, but I just find out I have a out-of-town meeting this week, and I won’t be home until next Monday. Don’t forget to put the photos of our trip into the computer; the digital camera and the camcorder are in the cabinet next to the bed. I want to take a look at them, when I get back. Love you, bye.”

Great there won’t be any distraction in my fun time, as reach my hand in my pocket; I realized there is a bag of “blue ecstasy” that is from the last party before leaving my old hood. These babes really rocks, it can turn a nun into a fucking whore. As I look at my bounded beauty fidget around the bed, I decide to


do some rough old fashion fun or use the blue ecstasy


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