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A College Game | remfan55 | 4


Anna panicked momentarily, but then realized that she only had an hour to find this person, so she bolted out of her room and went to the quad. She looked around. No dice. She went to the cafeteria and found the boy. He was sitting at a table all alone. He was definitely a nerd, from the looks of it. Slightly pimply, but not terribly unattractive.

She sat down next to him. “Hi, I’m Anna,” she said, offering her hand.

“I know who you are,” said the nerd, not offering his hand back. This creeped Anna out. “I know a lot about you…birthday and such. But more importantly, I know about you sexually. Turn ons, fetishes, experiences, and so forth.” God, who were these people and how did they know all this?

“First, the groundrules: I am the taskmaster of the game. You will call me ‘Sir’ from now on. I will call you whatever I choose, however degrading, and I will treat you however I choose, and do with your body what I choose. That's rule 1. Rule 2: You are not to wear any underwear without express permission. No bras, no panties. Third: If any person, male or female, makes a sexual advance or sexual request of you, for the duration of the game, you are to oblige, so long as it does not violate the orders of myself or another person running the game. Lastly, you may not have an orgasm without permission. Now that that’s settled, follow me,” said the boy, picking up his suitcase and leading Anna to a secluded booth. When they sat down, he placed the suitcase on the table. “Now, Anna, you chose to wait overnight in choosing to play the game. You should know that there are consequences to hesitating. Most of the tasks of the game involve a choice.” He opened up the suitcase and showed the contents to her. She saw a small ball, a remote control, a short black strip of leather, and a pair of earrings - simple silver loops.

“The first part of this task is not a choice. Our contestants are required to wear a remote control egg.” He handed her the small ball. “You will place this in your pussy and leave it there until you are told to remove it.” He then picked up the remote and flipped a switch. The ball started to vibrate in Anna’s hand. She flipped out and almost dropped it. This guy could stimulate her whenever he wanted? He could blow her mind in class? This was frightening.

“Now, here is where you get punished for your hesitation. Originally, there were 16 pieces of jewelry in this suitcase, for 16 contestants. You are the 15th to come to me, meaning you only have two left to choose from. Option 1, the collar.” He picked up the leather strip and turned it over to reveal that it had several silver studs on it, spelling the word “SLUT.” “You may wear this for the duration of the game, unless told otherwise. Or option 2, the nipple rings.” He picked up the silver loops. They weren’t earrings, they were nipple rings? Oh jeez, what have I gotten myself into? “If you choose these, you will have to go out and get your nipples pierced. After you insert the egg, of course. So, my sexy little whore, what will it be?”


What does Anna choose?


          Nipple ring


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