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Ancient Royal Incest | vic_elor | 3


You climb up the long, snaking stairs that lead to Princess Anna’s private library. As you reach the entryway you extend your hand to knock but pull back as you find the door ajar.

You push the door open further and let yourself inside. You look around the room, eyeing the rows of books you’ve seen so many times and yet you’ve read so few of them. Of course, it is not a good book you wish to bury yourself in tonight.

You listen to the sound of your shoes clicking on the stone floor as you walk down the lines of shelves. Surely she must hear you coming but why doesn’t she say anything?

You eventually find yourself at your little sisters reading table, her head resting on her arms spread over an open book. She looks so sweet and innocent asleep in her soft green dress, her long hair flying out in all directions of the table.

As you watch her with a smile a dark thought passes through your head and for a moment you debate what to do next: Should you awaken and seduce your darling sister or simply force yourself upon her in her sleep?


Do you wake Anna up gently or do you force yourself on her?

          Wake her

          Examine her first

          Force yourself on her.

          Wake ... and immediately kiss her.


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