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Ancient Royal Incest | vic_elor | 2


You decide that, at least for now, seducing a member of your immediate family is not what you want to do. You decide to set your sites on someone just a little more removed… like a cousin.

There are so many to choose from though.

Maybe you should seduce your cousin Rachael. The two of you are the same age so you spent lots of time together growing up. As a child, she was your closest companion though you haven’t seen her in years. Perhaps you should invite her to visit you or maybe surprise her by dropping in unannounced.

Maybe you should seduce your cousin Crystal instead. She is a year younger then you and was a spoiled brat growing up! She got whatever she wanted whenever she wanted and was ungrateful for it. Unlike Rachael, you still regularly see Crystal and though she has grown into a very lovely lady she is still a spoiled brat. Perhaps a little of your loving is just what she needs.

Or perhaps another close relative besides these two… seeing how you have so many to choose from.


Who should you seduce? Rachael, Crystal, or another?

          Perhaps one of your aunts instead



          An estranged foreign relative


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