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Ancient Royal Incest | vic_elor | 2


You have several sisters but when your mind turns towards the idea of seduction two immediately come to mind.

First, your older sister Princess Laura. She is several years your senior and though you are her brother you’d have to be blind to have not noticed how well endowed she is. On the same note, you’d be a fool if you thought she was a virgin as she claims. She may have kept her sorted love affairs a secret from your parents but you know she has been with at least a few men in her time though the exact number and her exact experiences are a secret to you.

Second, your younger sister Princess Anna. She has only now reached the age of womanhood and, unlike Laura, you know she has never been with a man in any way. Your parents have kept her secluded from most of the world, cloistering her in a small library for much of her life. She is not strong nor well endowed like Laura and so many years of reading by firelight have left her needing glasses to see but she is sweet and likely wiser then any sage.

Of course there are a few other sisters to choose from if you wish to seduce them instead.


Which sister should you seduce?

          Princess Anna, your little sister

          Perhaps one of your nieces instead

          Laura, your older sister

          Maybe one of your elder sisters


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