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Ancient Royal Incest | vic_elor | 1


It is an age pasted, long before all the technical and advanced trappings of the modern world. Men fight with horses rather then tanks and swords rather then machine guns. A thousand miles is the edge of your world and beyond it lies the unknown.

You are the crowned prince of your small but powerful country. As the only son of the late king you stand to inherit control over vast stretches of fertile fields, rich mines, and bountiful coasts. Any woman, young or old, in the land would bend over backwards to win a moment of your affection.

And that is what makes them so dull. You’ve enjoyed the intimate company of so many and none of them supplied a challenge. None resisted your charms; none hesitated to fulfill even your dirtiest request.

That is why, as you stand watching the sun set over your beautiful capital city, you’ve decided to sort out a more elusive lover. One who might resist you. One who might deny you. One who will satisfy you desire for taboo.

You know now you must seduce one of your own family. But who shall it be? You have so many choices.

Perhaps your mother, the queen herself? It would be quite an erotic and fulfilling challenge to bring the woman who raised you as a child into your bedchamber.

Perhaps a sister, one of the princesses. They are much closer to your own age then your mother and though they all claim to be innocent you suspect only one is really telling the truth.

Perhaps a close cousin, one of the many who share a close but not immediate family connection.


Who should you seduce?

          A cousin or other close relative

          One of your sisters

          Queen Evelyn

          The greatest challenge of all


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