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*Negima!? | crono04 | 21


The guy opened the door to an apartment, the lock rattling as he wiggled the key in a way he considered suggestive. Evangeline looked around with a false innocence while Chachamaru stared ahead. The door swung open to reveal exactly what Eva suspected was on the other side. Empty food containers, couch, small TV, karaoke machine, a couple posters of kid-friendly J-pop artists, and a water bed. Outwardly she scampered in, amazed at all the 'neat things' he had. Inwardly, she rolled her eyes.

Eva, thinking: Killing this guy will be bordering on a good deed. After this, i better hunt only nuns and nurses, to make sure my reputation doesn't suffer.

The guy poured them both a saucer of sweet sake and set them down on the table in front of the couch.

the guy: Kampai! ('cheers')

Eva: Kam-fai!

The guy laughed at her misspoken cheers, but was silenced as she downed the sake like an old pro.

Eva, thinking: Whoops. I'm acting my age. Better turn on the kiddy-charm.

Eva: Hee-hee! Wow! It's so good! I feel funny! Tee-hee-hee-hee! Oh, wow! I can't believe I drank that whole thing in one swallow (she put subtle emphasis on this as part of the game). If my parents ever listened to me, they'd never believe I did that! They never believe what I tell them! My sister either!

the guy, thinking: This girl is perfect! I can't wait to show her my favorite game of all.

Seven dishes of sake later, the guy was doing all he could do stay awake while Evangeline was only starting to notice it wasn't water she was drinking.

the guy: I-i thought she'd be out cold and naked by now! Maybe I shoulda used one-a dem roofies i got.

Eva: Pardon?

the guy: Did I say that out loud!? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, i was just thinking of a game we should play!

Eva: Is that right? Actually, I know a game, too. A really fun one. Close your eyes and show me your neck.

He giggled and did so. Eva grinned and lunged, grabbing his head to make sure he didn't get away. He giggled again, and louder when Eva sank her fangs into him.

the guy: Wow! You're really dirty, aren't you? If you liked to vampire role-play, you should've said so! I'll play along. Oh, no, help! The vampire's got me! Oh, help!

He was too drunk to fully understand that this girl was really drinking his blood. She was going to kill him. He didn't get it until his blood-alcohol level was lowered enough. But by then, it was over. He couldn't have resisted a regular eleven year old, much less Evangeline.

Chachamaru simply looked on, unblinking, as her mistress performed her gruesome survival ritual.


Yay, he's dead!


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