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*Negima!? | crono04 | 20


Just outside Mahora campus, a young girl, maybe eleven years old and a teenage girl strode through the streets. The child couldn't contain the smile on her face. It was like she was seeing the world for the first time, and found it to be made of candy and rainbows. She was practically dancing. The teenager walked calmly, deadpan face.

Eva: So, this is freedom! Ah, ha ha ha! Finally, the world will once again know the terror of Dark Envangel!

Chachamaru: Yes, mistress.

Eva: Oh, come on! We're free from that damned school, finally! Aren't you even the least bit happy?

Chachamaru: -checking...-I'm sorry, but i'm unable to reach your level of happiness. I can emulate it, if you wish.

Eva: Sure! Let yourself go for once!

Chachamaru: Very well. -loading happy_3.emo- *her eyes lit up and a big grin covered her face* Oh, Mistress! We're free, we're free!! What a happy day!!

The robot-girl danced a rhythm-free, jerky dance of glee. She simply wasn't programmed to dance, and had never learned on her own. This dance, which was more like a marionette in the hands of a novice but ambitious puppeteer, was the best she could do. Several passersby gave her concerned looks.

guy: um, little girl, is your sister alright?

Eva: ('sister'?) Yes, yes, she's fine. Just...not very coordinated, i'm afraid.

Chachamaru: Is mistress unsatisfied with my display of happiness?! I'm sorry, but i'm just too joyous to stop!! Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

guy, thinking: 'Mistress'? O..k. I think I just stumbled upon something very strange.

Eva: In any case, we should get going. There's a lot of world to see and only eternity to see it!

guy: Wow. I've never seen a girl your age with that kind of attitude. It's refreshing!

Eva: My age?

guy: Uh-huh. *he eyed her in a way a ten-year old should not be eyed* How about you come have a drink with me and tell me all about your plans to see the world?

Eva grinned. She recognized this look in his eye. It was that of someone who considered young, doll-like girls to be the peak of sexuality. Normally, she would have been disgusted by him and left him, probably with several bones broken. But now, her power was her's again. And it had been ages since the last time she'd used her apparent age to trap someone like this. It was the most fun version of predator and prey she knew of. Other than combat with Negi, of course.

Eva, raising the pitch of her voice a little: Why not? Can I bring my onee-chan? She won't get in the way, and knows when to go, if you know what I mean.

The guy started to sweat a little. It was one thing to convince girls to go with his plans, but to have one volunteer? It was his sick dream come true! He offered his hand, and she took it, following him with exaggerated childishness in her stride.

Chachamaru: Oh, boy! We've made a new friend!! I can't wait to see what kind of fun we can have with him!!

Eva: Chachamaru? Go back to normal.

Chachamaru, deadpan: Yes, mistress.


A seedy apartment in downtown whatever town this is.

          What town is this in, anyway?


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