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*Negima!? | crono04 | 8


Negi smiled at Asuna's words.

Negi: Thank you, Asuna. I'm glad too. Who am i talking to?


Negi: Heh-heh. Must be getting close to supper time. I guess i should start back toward Asuna's dorm. Hope i'm still welcome there.

Outside, Negi filled his lungs with warm evening air. The sun was just starting to disappear over one of the taller hills, and the sky shone dull orange and pink. He smiled.

Negi: I've missed this. The hours just before twilight in the courtyard. Beautiful. The sights, the sounds of birds singing mixed with crickets chirping, the smell of fresh meat buns...hmm? Meat buns? Where could that be coming from? *sniff-sniff* They smell delicious!

?: Thank you, Negi-sensei.

Negi: Satsuki! Chao! I should have guessed! Your dining car is still doing good business, i assume?

Satsuki: Yup.

Chao: Come have a welcome-back bun, Negi-bozu.

Negi: Alright!

He sat at one of the stools right on the car, sniffing deep to take in the aromas of the various types of food and tea within. He closed his eyes and a small 'mmmm' escaped his lips.

Satsuki: What would you like, Negi-sensei?

Negi placed an order for a couple different dishes and some hot lemon-chamomile tea. I'll skip him eating it because it's not very interesting and because i assume you know what eating is like. Suffice it to say, it was really good.

Negi: It was really good! Maybe even better than before! I didn't think it was possible.

Satsuki: Thank you very much.

Chao: So, where ya been, Negi-bozu?

Negi: You already know that, don't you, Chao?

Chao: Yeah! I was just trying to see if you'd slip up in front of Satsuki.

Satsuki: ?

Negi: Chao! Don't say things like that!

Chao: Hee hee!

Satsuki: It's ok. Since it seems to be like that, i won't ask.

Negi: Thank you.

Satsuki: But if Chao tells me, i'll listen.



Chao: Couldn't help myself.

Satsuki: Negi-se...Negi. Asuna won the election in class today, right?

Negi: That's right.

Satsuki: Isn't she with you?

Negi: Oh. Well, it turns out Asuna just wanted to know where i've been.

Satsuki: Then she's not your girlfriend?

Negi: No! I mean, no.

Satsuki: I see. Chao, may i talk to Negi alone, please?

Chao, winking: Absolutely. In fact, i was hoping you would.


Have a little talk with Satsuki.



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