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*Negima!? | crono04 | 27


Zazie: I cannot be your lover. Please trust me anyway.

Negi: S-sure. *whispering* Kaede, why did you tell her that?

Kaede, whispering: Because i thought it would help her if she had a little fun, de gozaru.

Negi, whispering: Kaede!!

Zazie: You thought it would help if i got...laid?

Negi: EEP!

Kaede: Well, yes. It calmed down many of our other classmates. I thought it would work for you as well, de gozaru.

Zazie: I see.

Kaede: Then will you do it?

Negi: KAEDE!!

Zazie: He said he would trust me without doing that. So i won't.

Negi: I see.

Zazie: Negi-sensei isn't interested in me anyway.

Kaede: Why do you say that?

Zazie: I see how he looks at Miyazaki and Kagurazaka. Even at you, Nagase. He doesn't look at me that way.

Kaede: Is that true?

Negi: YIKES!!! I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i....!!!

Kaede: Why don't you look at Zazie that way, de gozaru?

Negi: HUH?!

Kaede: She's not unattractive, right Negi-sensei?

Negi: I-i-i-i...i suppose not....

Kaede: Then...?


Zazie: Why not?

Negi: EH?!

Zazie: If i'm not unattractive, there should be no reason, right? Unless you were lying.

Kaede: That sounds right.

Negi: Who's side are you on, Kaede?!

Kaede: I'm on the side of truth and love, de gozaru.

Zazie: Do you find me attractive or were you lying?

Her eyes showed complete indifference, so saying he was lying probably wouldn't make Zazie hate Negi. Still, she is a teenage girl, and every teenage girl is self-conscious to some degree, especially around handsome boys their own age.


Anyone got a coin he can flip?

          Weaseling out


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