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*Negima!? | crono04 | 26


Negi approached Evangeline carefully, poking her with his wand.

Kaede: Don't worry. She's out for at least ten minutes, de gozaru.

Negi: I see. Good job, Kaede.

Kaede: Mm.

Negi: Will you tell Mana i appreciate her help as well?

Kaede: Yes.

Negi: Thank you. And Zazie...i-i owe you an apology. I didn't think you would be a good partner, but you were. You were amazing! I never should have doubted you! I'm sorry!

Zazie: Don't be. I doubted it myself.

Negi: You did?! Then why so adamant about becoming my partner?

Zazie: It would make me a better illusionist.

Negi: Well, actually it didn't. Those cards weren't illusions. If they had hit Evangeline, they would have really hurt her. Wait!! You thought it was an illusion?!

Zazie: Yes.

Negi: Then you just missed Chachamaru BY ACCIDENT?!!?

Zazie: Yes.


Zazie: Should i have hit her?

Negi: NO!!

Zazie: Then i did well.

Negi: Well....yes. You did do well. Thank you again, Zazie.

Zazie: It's my job now, isn't it?

Negi: Hmm?

Kaede: Yes. As Negi-sensei's partner, it is now your task in life to ensure his survival and happiness, de gozaru.

Zazie: Happiness?


Kaede, whispering: Trust me, Negi, sensei. *out loud* Yes. He told you it was customary for a mage and their partner to be companions, didn't he?

Zazie: No.

Kaede: I remember he did. He said it was customary for partners to marry, de gozaru.

Zazie: I told him to break the tradition.

Kaede: It's not that simple. A partner must earn her Magister's trust by being his lover, at least temporarily, de gozaru.

Negi: WHAT?!!?

Zazie: What?

Kaede: It's true, de gozaru!

Zazie: I see. Negi-sensei...


Negi: Y-yes?

          Yes on partner, no on lover


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