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*Negima!? | crono04 | 11


Zazie swallowed nervously, but nodded. Taking a load inside was risky. If she became pregnant, she would have to give up the circus. But she couldn't say no to a spectator, and sat up to her original standing position. She pushed down on him harder and harder and faster and faster until...


Zazie: Cum in me.

He couldn't have disobeyed her if he wanted to. Zazie was the star performer, after all. So he held her tight and fired off shot after shot of burning cum into Zazie's spasming pussy. She yelped at the first one, it being the first cum she ever took inside her. But it felt so good she melted into the feeling. When he finished cumming, which took a while because she never stopped bouncing until he was softening, she held onto him and sighed blissfully. His knees almost buckled, but he managed to stay standing. Zazie was shaking from pleasure. Zazie opened her eyes and smiled at her classmates, especially Haruna, before going back to her trademark blank stare and tossing her head slightly to the side. Haruna got the hint and lead everyone out silently.


Outside the dressing room

          A conversation (?!) with Zazie


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