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*Negima!? | crono04 | 10


The eight opened the flaps to the Nightmare Circus' tent. A girl in harlequin make-up greeted them.

girl: Hi! You're here to watch us, right?

Fei-Ku: Yes!

girl: Ah, Fei-Ku! Come again, huh?

Fei-Ku: I never miss acrobatics club's first practice!

girl: True. You haven't missed it since i've been here. We appreciate your support! We're not quite ready yet, but feel free to look around.

Fei-Ku: Thank you!

Asuna: Hey. Is Zazie here yet?

girl: Oh, you're Zazie-sempai's (upperclassman or of a higher rank) classmates! Yes, she's here. She's in the back getting ready with one of the other performers. A slight-of-hand artist.

Konoka: Thanks! Let's go!

Another flap lifted, allowing the girls access to the costume area and dressing rooms.

Shinobu: Dressing rooms in a tent?

Yue: Only the top performers get them The rest have to change in this room, like in gym class.

Shinobu: Oh. Oh, look! One of them is Zazie's! She must be very good.

Asuna: You have no idea. C'mon, let's go see her. *thinking* This should be interesting.

Shinobu: Are you sure? Wh-what if she's dressing in there?!

Asuna: Relax. We all bathe together, so it's not like we've never seen her naked. C'mon.

Asuna opened the door, still looking back at her friends as their faces turned from smiling/blushing ti just plain stunned.

Asuna: What?

She turned, instantly mirroring the faces of the others, as something she thought would never happen, much less that she would ever see, happened before her.

Zazie, bent over her make-up table, being fucked from behind. Hard. Her dark-tan tits wobbled violently and her tight ass begged to be spanked. The quiet girl they knew had taken a break, and her substitute was rather vocal.

Zazie: AAAA!! Yes! Oh, god...fuck! Yeah, hit that pussy!

everyone: .........!!!

Zazie: Stop. I want you to fuck me standing up!

He pulled out and she stood up and jumped onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist and bouncing up and down quickly on him. She screamed quietly. The guy she was with turned her slightly so he could fondle one of her high B-cup tits, which she loved. Her eyes were shut tight, so there was no danger of her spotting her classmates. Unless of course she opened them. Which she did. Zazie continued to fuck her 'friend' while staring that familiar blank stare at the others. They tried to come up with something to say, but Zazie smiled and closed her eyes again, fully enjoying the fuck. She released his neck and fell back, still holding on with her legs. A perfect 90 degree angle! The girls almost applauded.

Zazie: Are you gonna cum for me?

guy: Yeah, baby!!

Zazie looked over and mouthed 'where?' to the girls. Everyone was too shocked to do anything. Except Haruna, who grinned and pointed to her...


...her what?

          Her tongue

          Her pussy


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