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*Negima!? | crono04 | 9


Asuna: Got it this time?

Shinobu: Uh-huh. I-i think we should go watch the clubs practice.

Fei-Ku: YAY!! I do this every year! I can see my friends, as well as newcomers making funny mistakes! Let us go!

Asuna: Easy, Ku. There's over one-thousand clubs. We need to be a little more specific.

Fei-Ku: No, we do not! We just need to walk around and watch whatever we happen to see!

Setsuna, thinking: An appropriate attitude for one who practices Chinese martial arts. They stress adaptation, and she takes it to heart.

She smiles as an ink-painting-style wave of water appears behind her, in her own mind.

Fei-Ku: Anyway, we should get started! As Asuna said, there are many clubs to be seen and curfew is in only nine hours.

Shinobu: O-ok.

The tour took the eight through most of the high school division of Mahora campus, during which they saw over three hundred groups doing their club activities. Many classmates were in them, including Akira's swim club, Eva and Chachamaru's tea ceremony club, and Setsuna's own kendo club (she excused herself to show Shinobu around. After humiliating the other members, of course).

Shinobu, panting: G-guys...i'm exhausted. Can we take a rest, please?

Fei-Ku: Sure! We can sit and watch the acrobatics club!

Shinobu: Acrobatics club?

Konoka: Sure! A lot of them can already do amazing things! They even screw up spectacularly! Average people aren't admitted! Oh, and you can meet Zazie-chan afterward!

Shinobu: Zazie...chan? I don't know her, is she a classmate?

Asuna: Ha-ha. Half the class doesn't even realize she's there most of the time. She's the girl with the, too vague...The tear-drop and 'scar' make-up.

Shinobu: Huh?

Konoka: You know. The silent girl in the corner, juggling.

Shinobu: um...

Nodoka drew her student roster from her satchel. She opened it and pointed out student thirty-one, Zazie Rainyday.

Haruna: Wow, is she still in class with us? I thought she transferred out or something.

Yue: She sits behind you.

Haruna: Get out, no way!

Setsuna: It's true.

Shinobu: Oh. I guess i didn't notice her.

Asuna: Few do. But after you see her perform, you'll remember her.


Zazie's Nightmare Circus!

          Or maybe more like wet-dream circus


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