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*Negima!? | crono04 | 8


Shinobu: I-i don't know. Nothing really caught my eye on the way. Is there anything really interesting around here?

everyone: ARE YOU KIDDING?!

Asuna: There's lots of cool stuff around here!

Haruna: We should go see the World Tree!

Setsuna: The Tatsumiya Shrine sometimes has falling sakura (cherry blossoms) this time of year.

Fei-Ku: The clubs are having first meetings right now. We should watch some of them! The Tea Ceremony Club and rocket clubs are fun to watch!

Nodoka, Yue and Haruna (mostly Haruna): LIBRARY ISLAND!!!

Asuna: Uh...Library Island may be a BIT much for a new girl like her.

Konoka: I wonder if Eva-chan would be alright with us showing her her cabin.

Asuna, Nodoka and Yue: Not likely.

Fei-Ku: How about the festival stage? The acting club may be using it now.

Asuna: Maybe that lookout. I go up there to draw all the time, and never get tired of it. Remember, Konoka?

Konoka: Oh, yeah! The one we showed Negi-kun after you had him paged. Ha ha! Yeah, that would be fun!

Setsuna: If Ojou-sama suggests it, i will second it.

Konoka: What happened to the shrine?

Yue: Uh, guys? I don't think we're helping much.

Yue pointed to Shinobu, whose eyes had become spirals and her brain overloaded with ideas.

Fei-Ku: Should we get cold water?

Nodoka, waving a hand in front of Shinobu's face: I think so.

Fei-Ku: But...we have nothing to carry it in.

Setsuna: We won't need to. Is the hallway empty, except for us?

Asuna, glancing over her shoulder: Uh....looks like it, but why...?

Asuna turned back just in time to see Setsuna fall into a half-split with her sword now out and just above the floor, almost as though she had just slashed something.

Asuna: What did you just...?

Setsuna stood and sheathed her blade. She pressed the button on the fountain, and from a small cut in the spout, a jet of cold water shot out, hitting Shinobu in the face. She sputtered and regained awareness.

Shinobu: WH-WHAT HAPPENED!? Why am i wet?!

Konoka: uh...You kinda spaced out, so Set-chan splashed you with a little water. Ha ha. (Overdoing it again, Set-chan.) Are you alright now?

Asuna: Ha ha! Anyway, what do ya think? What do ya wanna go see first?

Shinobu: um...I'm sorry, i forgot what you said. Could you say it again, please?

Everyone fell over, anime-style.

Shinobu: um....s-sorry.

Yue, thinking: She gets more and more Nodoka-like everytime she talks...


After a recap...

          Watch the clubs and organizations (Fei-Ku's idea)


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