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*Negima!? | crono04 | 7


Shinobu, thinking: They seem friendly enough. Plus, Fei-Su-chan is with them. *out loud* Ok. I'll come with you guys.

Konoka: Alright!

Konoka reached out and grabbed Shinobu's arm and pulled her along as the girls started off down the hall.

Shinobu: EEK! I-i can walk on my own!

Konoka: Ha ha! But we have a lot of ground to cover, and we don't want you to get lost!

Asuna: She's kinda enthusiastic, but try to keep up, alright?

Shinobu: Ok.

Haruna: So, 'dja see anything on your way to class that you wanna see up close, or do you just wanna get right to what you need to see? We got time for both.

Yue: If it were me, i would see what was necessary first so i would know in case i needed to go there suddenly.

Shinobu: Why would i need to do that?

Yue: Just in case.

Haruna: That's boring! We should see something cool first! That way she won't get bored right off the bat!

Setsuna: Also, that way we should end up at the dorms at the end. That's the most efficient way since we need to end up there anyway.

Asuna: So? What say, new-girl?


Shinobu wants to...

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