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*Negima!? | crono04 | 6


The bell rang to signal the end of the school day. On their way out, the girls all welcomed Negi back, many with degrees of warmth most students don't show their teacher. Shinobu only bowed, as was customary. She walked down the hall, still nervous of her new surroundings.

Shinobu, thinking: I don't know if i can get used to it here. Maybe...maybe i should see if i can go back to Hinata Inn, or live with mom or dad. Which one, though? Why did they have to get divorced in the first place? If they had stayed together, i would never have had to watch Keitaro-sempai leave with...

Another tear traced her nose and the corner of her mouth. Lost in thought, she never noticed the gang coming up behind her.


Shinobu: KYAAAA!!!

She turned, holding her bag in front of her as though to say 'take it, just please don't hurt me'. Someone laughed. She opened an eye to find seven girls in front of her.

Shinobu: Huh? You-you're in my homeroom, aren't you? P-please! If you do anything to me, professor Springfield will punish you!

Konoka: Tee-hee. I didn't know it was against the rules to greet new students.

Fei-Ku: It is ok, new-girl Shinomu! We are not here to hurt you.

Shinobu: F-fei-Su!

Asuna: Little jumpy there, aren't you? Actually, we all wanted to see if you wanted to tour campus with us. Since you're new here an' all, we figured it'd help you out to know the layout around here.

Konoka: You should come with us, Shinobu-chan! If anyone tries to attack you, Set-chan will fight 'em off! Right? Set-chan?

Setsuna: Yes. If anyone tries to touch Ojou-sama, they will fall by my blade.

Shinobu: Eek!

Yue: Was that really needed, Setsuna?

Asuna: Don't worry about Setsuna, new girl. She's just...nuts.

Setsuna: ....

Fei-Ku: You will come with us, yes?

Yue: They may not look like it, but they actually know their way around pretty well. And it's either us, or the Narutakis, and i think you need a little more time before you can handle two hours with them.

Nodoka: The-the Narutakis aren't bad, they're just...

Asuna: ...nuts.

Nodoka: Yeah. NO!!

Fei-Ku: Come walk with us, Shinomu! It will be fun!

Haruna, winking: Don't make us beg! Or better yet, torture!


Accept or wait for another tour?


          No choice


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