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*Negima!? | crono04 | 23


Chachamaru calculated her attack down to the millionth of a second and millimeter. Anticipating Eva's counter, creating her own. She was ready.

As expected, Eva dodged her initial sword swing by rolling upward and trying to end up behind her. When she did this, Chachamaru fired hard her back-booster, knocking Eva back. Before she could recover, the blade from Cha-cha's arm was at her throat.

Eva: !!!

Chachamaru: You lose, Evangeline McDowell.

Eva: Lic la-*

The blade pressed in. Evangeline took the hint and stopped the incantation. Whatever she tried, moving, attacking, getting away. Everything was met by a silvery sword pointed at her vitals.

Eva: It appears we've reached a stalemate.

Chachamaru: No, Evangeline. I have won.

Eva: Alright, then. Fine, you win. What will you do now? Kill me? If you do, you'll die too.

Chachamaru: I don't care. As i said before, i have nothing left. My continued existence would only be a bad thing. Therefore, if it ends, it must be a good thing. I will sacrifice my existence for everyone's happiness. But know this. I'm doing it for my classmates and Negi-sensei. I know it's difficult to perform repairs and maintainance on me, so my end will make Hakase and Lingshen's lives easier. For Negi-sensei, if he does not care for me, i won't make him watch me watch him. Besides, i know that if i continue existing, i will learn jealousy and may attack Miyazaki or Asuna. I don't want to do that. However. I am not doing it for you, Evangeline. I'm done doing things for you. For you....

For perhaps the first time since activation, Chachamaru did two things no one expected her capable of. First, she slashed Eva's neck open. The second, which is actually part of the first, was attacking with malice. Before it was only because she was told to, she never had a grudge against those she fought. This time, however...this time was different. All the anger and rage and bad intentions of a friend scorned by a friend came through her arm to her sword. Eva fell back onto the roof, her neck spraying blood that stained Chachamaru's maid outfit.

Chachamaru: She won't die from just that. She will heal herself. Good-bye, Negi-sensei.

Negi: Wait!! What are you going to do!?

Chachamaru raised her sword to her own neck.

Chachamaru: I'm going to remove my primary CPU from it's power source in my torso.

Negi: Self-decapitation!?

Chachamaru: Yes.

Negi: Don't!!

Chachamaru: I thought Negi-sensei didn't care for me.

Negi: Just because i'm not in love with you doesn't mean i don't care about you!!

Chachamaru: Negi-sensei. I'm sorry, but...the feeling called unrequited love is not something i wish to live with. Farewell.

Chachamaru had only cut her neck a few inches before a bright flash severed both arms from her body. All eyes turned to find Setsuna sheathing her sword with Cha-cha's arms laying beside her.

Negi: Setsuna!!

Setsuna: Forgive my interference, Negi-sensei. But I had to stop Chachamaru from taking her life.

Konoka: That's right! I can't heal an android, so how would we get her back if she did die?

Asuna: Besides, if Chachamaru is gone, it's gonna be boring next time Eva-chan tries to start trouble.

Eva, gurgling: don't call me eva-chan, brat...


Setsuna: Negi-sensei!! This-this was a bit much, wasn't it!? To kill her!

Konoka: Negi-kun! Get back so i can heal her!! Huh?

Eva, voice going from gurgling to normal: don't bother. i'll heal myself, thanks. What are you three doing here?

Asuna: We came to keep you from killing anyone and to bring you back to Mahora! We'll drag you back by your short and curlies if we have to!

Konoka: She took watching her close her own neck rather well.

Setsuna: Yes.

Konoka: I wonder if Eva-chan has short and curlies.

Eva: A class act as always, Kagurazaka. But you're wasting your time. I'm not leaving campus for awhile.

Asuna: Eh? Why not?

Eva:....i have to make sure Chachamaru gets repaired properly.

Chachamaru: !

Negi: But you said...

Eva: Now i'm saying otherwise. Chachamaru, gather your arms. We're leaving.


Chachamaru landed in front of Setsuna and bowed.

Chachamaru: Thank you very much for preventing my actions. It would have been a mistake.

Setsuna: It's no problem. Here are your arms.

Chachamaru: Thank you very much.

Her arms between her legs, Chachamaru boosted herself back toward she and Eva's cabin. Eva turned to glare at Negi.

Eva: Keep working on that 'thing', boya. But keep hair-brained ideas like that to yourself from now on.

Negi: Right!


Later that lifetime...

          A new day and a new story arc


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