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*Negima!? | crono04 | 22


Negi: Ch-chachamaru, please. You and Evangeline mustn't fight!

Chachamaru: If she has abandoned me and Negi-sensei doesn't care for me, i have nothing left. If it's between this and simply laying down and dying for a mistress who seems happy to let me die, this is what i choose. Stand aside, Negi-sensei.

Negi: Chachamaru...!

Eva: Listen to her. Stand aside and let her come. It's not like she can kill me anyway.

Chachamaru: That's not true. Every time you showed a weakness, i have recorded it. At the time, it was to know what to protect you from. Now however, i will use them to take your life.

Eva: HAHAHAHA!! 'Take my life', eh? Well, you're welcome to try.

Chachamaru: As you will.

Chachamaru rushed in and swung her blade at Eva's stomach, which she dodged. Cha-cha raised her knee into Eva's chin, but she managed to slip most of the blow and strike her ex-servant in the stomach. At the slight pause, Eva followed up with a push of kinetic magic. It was a simple spell, so the incantation was unneeded. Cha-cha slid back and caught herself with a hand on the ground, which she used to push herself back into the fray. A quick flurry of punches resulted with Eva being pushed back to the edge of the roof.

Eva: I guess i have to actually try this time. You should feel honored, Chachamaru.

Chachamaru: Be silent, Evangeline.

Eva: That's the spirit! Come on! Lic Lac La Lac Lilac (this is what Evangeline says to use magic, similar to Negi's 'rastel maskil magister')[O Spirits of Darkness; Come to me, dwell in me. Become a spear, and strike through my enemy] Lilac spiritus!

A long streak of black sped through the sky, barely missing Chachamaru as she jumped back. Upon landing, she opened her missile battery and fired four at Eva, which she dodged. She also left herself slightly open, which Chachamaru took advantage of and landed a kick to her back. Eva caught herself mid-air after going off the edge of the building.

Eva: You robotic brat! How dare you turn on me?

Chachamaru: If you're no longer my ally, i cannot turn on you. *lifting herself into the air with her boosters* Let us finish this.

Eva: Fine by me.

Both girls rushed toward each other, ready to strike the decisive blow.

Eva, thinking: She said she knows how to kill me, but she can't possibly have anything like that on her. The worst she can do is K.O. me. But i can tear her apart! I probably have a 50-50 chance of coming out of this the winner.

Chachamaru, thinking: Analyzing...complete. Strategy formed. Probability of successful debilitating attack: 50%


Whose 50 is it?




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