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*Negima!? | crono04 | 21


Chachamaru: I...m-mistress, is...

Eva: What's wrong? It's a simple yes or no question.

Chachamaru: I....I am incapable of the kind of care you seem to be referring to, therefore, i do not care for him.

Eva: I see. Ok, then, cast the spell.

Negi: What? I don't get it.

Eva: It's simple. I heard about Chachamaru's little crush from a few years ago.

Chachamaru: No...

Eva: That's right. Hakase told me aaaall about it! So, i had that part of her memory deleted. That she hasn't regained those 'feelings' on her own proves she's nothing but a machine and therefore not to be worried about if i decide to sacrifice her for my own sake. So, go ahead and cast the spell to release me. Oh and if you really do like her, professor, feel free to use that body as you see fit. She's anatomically correct now, you know.

Chachamaru: Mistress...Why?

Eva: Eh?

Chachamaru, with eyes leaking ocular lubricant: How could you? How could you tell Negi-sensei my feelings? How can you simply cast me aside?

Eva: Spare me the theatrics.

Chachamaru: Negi-sensei, i....

Eva: Don't listen to her. She's only emulating a movie or something. She proved she wasn't really alive a moment ago, so ignore her.

Negi looked back and forth between cold-eyed Eva and her 'crying' servant (more like simulated crying).

Eva: What are you waiting for? Hurry! I want to be rid of this life! Eh?

Evangeline turned to the sound of steel sliding quickly across latex. Chachamaru glared at Eva, her arm-blade pointed at her former mistress.

Eva: What do you think you're doing?

Chachamaru: I have lived only to serve mistress. Mistress has turned her back on me. If you no longer want me, you forfeit the title of mistress. Therefore, i am able to kill you if i choose to.

Eva: Is that so? Think carefully about what you're doing, Chachamaru. Can you really choose to attack me, knowing how powerful i am?

Chachamaru: I do choose that. Prepare yourself...Evangeline McDowell.


Next: Evangeline vs. Chachamaru!

          Round One....FIGHT!!


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