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*Negima!? | crono04 | 20


Eva glared into Negi's eyes, watching them go from questioning to pleading to surrender. She let him go and sat down. This time Negi joined her.

Negi: I'm sorry for slapping you.

Eva: It's not like it hurt me. Or that i'll tell you if you apologize.

Negi: All the same. I'm sorry.

Eva: ....fine. You know, when you walked into class yesterday, i really thought the Thousand Master was about to release me. You have no idea how disappointed i was that it was only you.

Negi: .....

Eva: But i guess you can't help that. Silly question, but have you found a way to free me yet? You said you would look for one, remember?

Negi: I remember. And...i did find one, but it takes a lot to use.

Eva: I don't care how much it takes! Hurry up and cast it so i can leave you peons behind quickly.

Negi: It doesn't take it from me. It takes it from you. And from Chachamaru.

Chachamaru: From me? I will give whatever i have for mistress.

Eva: So...what does it take?

Negi: Basically, it makes you not a vampire anymore. Just an ordinary girl.

Eva: I see. And from Chachamaru?

Negi: If you're normal, you'll lose your magic.

Eva: So i won't be able to keep Chachamaru 'alive' anymore. She'll be nothing more than a doll.

Negi: Yes. That's why i didn't use it already.

Eva: To spare Chachamaru? Why? *cheeky grin* Do you LIKE her?

Negi: WH--!? No!! I mean, i like all my students, but not her in particular!!

Chachamaru: ..............

Eva: Mm-hmm. Did you hear that, Chachamaru, he doesn't like you any more than the others. Doesn't it just break your heart?

Chachamaru: I don't understand. If i were equipped with a heart, i don't see why his words would damage it.

Eva: Hopeless. Hmm. Tell you what. I'll leave Chachamaru's fate up to her.

Chachamaru: To me?

Eva: Yes. And to professor Springfield here. However, i'm not going to tell you the conditions of the game, since they could affect the outcome. Are you ready?

Chachamaru: Yes, mistress.

Negi: I-i guess so.

Eva: Very well, then. Chachamaru. Do you like Negi-sensei?

Chachamaru: I don't understand.

Eva: I mean, do you care for him?

Chachamaru's facial covering warmed and her red coolant rushed to it, causing something like a blush.


Cha-Cha sez...

          No, she can't.


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