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*Negima!? | crono04 | 19


Negi took off, ignoring the crowd and using magic to speed himself up.

Asuna: Negi!! Idiot!

random 1: Wow! That kid is fast!

Asuna: Heh-heh. H-he runs track at his school!

random 2: You know him? Is he your boyfriend?

Asuna: NO, HE IS NOT!!! Huh? Where'd Konoka and Setsuna go?

She found them running after Negi, and followed.

High above the streets, on a tall building, two creatures that shouldn't exist waited, staring into the setting sun. One of them didn't turn at the sound of approaching footsteps.

Chachamaru: Hello, professor.

Eva: He's not coming, is he?

Negi: Who?

Eva: You know who. I told that airhead what i was doing specifically so she would tell you. I even told her not to tell you so she would.

Negi: ....The Thousand Master.

Eva: That's right. He's left me alone forever, hasn't he?

Negi: Evangeline...

Eva: Don't act like you pity me, boya. If you did, you'd let me drain you.

Negi: I can't let you do that. If you free yourself, you would kill again and again, as you did before you were impris...sorry.

Eva: I did free myself. Or haven't you noticed, we're not on Mahora campus anymore? I haven't killed a single being, not even that airhead, Makie.

Negi: That's true, but...

Eva: But what?!

Chachamaru: Mistress, he didn't know.

Eva: So?! If the one you hate isn't around, who better to take it out on than his son?!

Negi: Did my f..the Thousand Master tell you he would be here?

Eva: No....but he gave me conditions to break my curse. I met them, didn't i? I lived in the light. I didn't kill anyone, i even helped defend the school against magical enemies. I-i made friends. So what else am i supposed to do?! TELL ME, NAGI SPRINGFIELD!!! WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO DO!!?

Negi: Evangeline...i-i'm sorry.

Eva: For what?

Negi: For my father's absence. But i know he has a reason, he wouldn't just abandon you.

Evangeline turned, unable and unwilling to conceal the tears in her eyes. Negi gasped slightly in shock at them.

Eva: Shut up, boya!! You don't even know him!! How the hell do you know he wouldn't abandon me!?

Negi: ...You're right, i don't know him. But you do. You know him, and you believed he would come for you. That proves he's trustworthy, doesn't it?

Eva: !!

She sat down again and resumed staring ahead. But this time she considered Negi's words instead of Nagi's promise. If she of all people had faith in him, he had to be...

Eva: NO!! He lied! Just because i trusted him to fulfill his promise doesn't mean anything! It only means he's a talented liar! Curse you, Thousand Master! If i ever find you, i swear i won't leave a single blood cell in your miserable, lying carcass!!

Negi: ....Forgive me.

Eva: Now wh--!

As she turned, Negi slapped her. Chachamaru moved in but Eva held up one hand. She paused.

Eva: What do you think you're doing?!

Negi: Of course he didn't come! What did you think would happen, he'd just float in on a cloud at this time, at this place, just for you and break the curse he used to protect the world from you?! Are you stupid!? My father did NOT abandon you, Evangeline! No more than he did me!!

Eva stood and grabbed Negi's collar.

Eva: He DID abandon you, you fool! Do you know why you've never met your father?! I do!

Negi: You-you do? Tell me!

Eva: I'll tell you when Nagi breaks my curse. Not a second before!


More w/ Eva & Cha-Cha

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