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*Negima!? | crono04 | 19


With Eva stunned for the time being, Negi and Nodoka turned to the damaged Chachamaru.

Negi: Don't worry, Nodoka. I'll deal with her. You find something to catch Asuna with and have her guard you while you hide.

Nodoka: Y-yes!

Nodoka ran a few yards back and called up her magic encyclopedia. One advantage a real contract has over a probationary one is that the magister magi doesn't need to activate it; the ministeria can do it of her own choice.

Nodoka: Ok....let's see...'How to cushion a long fall with warehouse objects'....AH! Here it is! Let's see....packing peanuts? Of course!

She examined the warehouse, and found it empty, except for a few old steel barrels and the pieces of the former rafter Asuna had been on.

Nodoka: 'If packing peanuts unavailable, turn to page 6,086,489,218,031.' *flip-flip-flip*

Negi: Chachamaru! I know you're not evil, so i give you a choice! Your mistress, Evangeline is going to be bound to Mahora again after this battle! I don't want to fight you, so please, just go back to your cabin. Please, i beg you, don't make me fight you.

Chachamaru: You have hurt the mistress. I cannot overlook that, not even for you, Negi-sensei. And if i allow the mistress to be re-bound to Mahora campus, i will have failed her in my primary function as her partner. Therefore, i cannot do as you ask. I will fight you, Negi-sensei. Prepare yourself.

Chachamaru threw her right arm to the side as a blade sprung from her wrist. Negi gulped and raised his staff.

Chachamaru: As they say in your country, Negi-sensei, en garde.

Nodoka: NEGI-SENSEI!! It says there's nothing i can do to save Asuna!

Negi: What?!

Nodoka: I'm sorry, but you'll have to do it!

Chachamaru leaned back to charge at Negi. If he saved Asuna, Chachamaru would gut him. But if he defended himself, Asuna would die!


Hurry, hurry!!


          Save Asuna!


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