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*Negima!? | crono04 | 3


Nodoka and Yue took their seats and waited for Negi to arrive. Both waited with anticipation, but only Nodoka showed it. She gazed nervously at the clock on the wall, at the door, at the podium, even behind her in case he was sneaking up on her. He was nowhere to be found.

Yue: Relax. He said he'd be here, he'll be here, Nodoka.

Nodoka: I know. I trust his word, but...

Yue: It's ok, I know how you feel.

Nodoka nodded and continued looking around. Suddenly, the door slid open. The girls all stood up, eager to see their favorite teacher, with whom all of them had fallen into a crush or more, again after the long months since they last saw him. Faces fell all around as a man about their own age walked in. Negi was about 3 years younger last time they saw him. The word 'crestfallen' suddenly appeared on everyone's faces. Evangeline and Asuna however perked up when they saw him.

Asuna: Teach?

Evangeline: Professor Springfield?

Negi: Hm? Oh, hello, girls! It's good to see you all again.

Konoka: That's Negi!? What happened to him? He looks at least three years older than last time we saw him!

Negi: Oh, that. Well...heh-heh-heh...

This would be hard to explain. He was indeed three years older than he was in August, but he had become this way through magic. His secrecy command was still intact, so he couldn't tell the girls what happened to him.

Negi: I'm just an early bloomer, I guess.

Asuna and Evangeline, thinking: He sounds like Nagi now. He looks like him, too.

Eva: Well, he IS his son.

Asuna: What an odd coincidence....

Negi: I'm glad to see you're all still in my class. I guess I don't have to call roll, do I?

A couple girls laughed.

Nodoka: S-sensei?

Negi: Yes, Nodoka?

Nodoka: I...that is I....well....

Yue: I think she's trying to say she's glad you're safe.

Nodoka nodded. Negi smiled warmly at her.

Negi: Thank you for your concern. Well, I suppose we had better get this year started, shall we?

Everyone: RIGHT!!


Class for today

          The battle for Negi resumes

          An interesting new student


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