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*Negima!? | crono04 | 2


The bell chimed to start another day at Mahora Academy for Girls. A rush of girls ran for the front entrance to the high school section, except for three. Asuna, Konoka and Ayaka. These three had gotten a ride with Ayaka's driver. It had been years since she and Asuna had admitted to being friends, but they still didn't act like it. Besides, even though Asuna would never admit it, they were rivals for the same man, though in different ways and with different purposes. These three did not run to class. Knowing their teacher, he would be later than they would be. So, why not take their time and enjoy the warm early-autumn weather?

Konoka: Hey, Asuna. Do you think we'll all be in the same class again this year?

Asuna: Probably. Ever since 'teach' begged the dean to keep us together until we graduated, we haven't had a single new classmate. Doesn't he ever get tired of us?

Ayaka: Maybe of you, bells, but professor Springfield will never want to get rid of me. He'll probably ask me to be his T.A. after I graduate!

Asuna: Lucky you. You can finally achieve your dream of being a professional teacher's pet.

Ayaka: Whatever. You're just jealous that i'll get to stay with Negi-sensei, and you'll end up dying alone.

Asuna: What'd you say!?

Ayaka: What's the matter, couldn't hear me over your dreams crumbling, bells?!

Asuna: GRRRR!!!

Ayaka: GRRRR!!!

Konoka: Now, now, come on you guys. This is our first day of grade 11. You should try to start it off right....for once.

Ayaka: Hmph!

Asuna: Fine by me, as long as blondie here keeps her big fat mouth shut.

Konoka: sigh...

Asuna and Ayaka co-opened the door and shoved in despite the other's best efforts. Konoka strolled in casually after them. She looked around and sure enough, the same class she'd had since she was 12. A bit different since most of them had since matured into young women (except Evangeline, Chachamaru and Sayo), but the same group pretty much.

Sayo: Hey, Konoka!

Konoka: Sayo-chan! I'm not surprised to see you here!

Sayo: *giggles* Well, I am basically bound to this campus, so where else would I want to spend forever but with my friends?

Konoka: I'm glad you're back again. Hey, Cha-Cha!

Chachamaru bowed her head silently.

Chachamaru: Hello..Konoka. It is good to see you again.

Konoka: Same here. Hi, Eva!

Evangeline raised a hand half-heartedly and rolled her eyes.

Nodoka and Yue walked in together, drawing stares from everyone.

Yue: What?

Fuka: Don't act coy. You two are late because you were up late last night with Negi-sensei, weren't you?

Nodoka blushed, as she was known to do.

Yue: No.

Nodoka: We were...we were just late, that's all. We had to re-shelve a lot of books.

Fumika, in disbelief: Mmm-mm.

Yue: Actually, we haven't seen professor Springfield since early August.

Everyone: WHAT?!!?

Asuna and Konoka said nothing, even though they knew he was missing. Even they didn't know why.

Ayaka: Where is he?! What have you two witches done with my beloved Negi-sensei?!

Asuna: Cool it, blondie! Did he tell you where he was?

Yue: No, only that he'd be back today.

Nodoka: I hope he will be...


Where IS Negi?

          Negi's arrival


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