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*Negima!? | crono04 | 1


This is for people with no idea what Negima is. If you're already down, skim and go on. If not, i'll be saying things that warrant explanation, and stopping to explain things would destroy the pacing of the story, so read up. I promise i'll try to make the story worth reading through all this.

Professor Negi Springfield-age 18 (for all intents and purposes). Light brown/reddish hair, wears tiny glasses. Negi is a teacher at Mahora Academy, but he's also secretly a wizard. He can't let anyone know he is, or not only will he never become a 'Magister Magi' (a full-fledged ranking wizard), he'll also lose his magic certification and be turned into an ermine (or perhaps a chupacabra?). He's been teaching the same group of girls since they were all 13-14 (he was 10 at the time), and most of them have grown to love him to some degree. He's from Wales, but speaks Japanese so fluently, his accent is all but gone. He has crushes on Asuna and Nodoka and maybe one on Konoka, Setsuna and Makie, too.
Friends: Everyone in class, even Evangeline.
Magic (does this character know that magic exists?): He better

Asuna Kagurazaka: Orange-red hair, blue eye, green eye. Mid-B cup. Keeps her hair in long twin ponytails tied with small bells. She is Negi's roommate before he vanished for an unknown reason. She likes him more than she'll admit, but it's still only a friendly like, almost motherly in some ways. She and Ayaka have been friends-but-enemies since childhood and have only recently acknowledged friendship. They still argue constantly and come to blows almost as often, but now it's understood they don't actually hate each other. She has a temper, but is generally a nice person. Asuna is fiercely loyal to her friends and very protective of Negi. Fascinated by chupacabras. Arguably Konoka's best friend.
Pactio artifact-Demon-banishing paper fan (called a harisen) that can become a big sword in certain circumstances.
Friends: Konoka, Setsuna, Ayaka. Everyone in class to varying degrees (like everyone else).
Magic: Knows, involved (meaning she was a ministra)

Konoka Konoe: Brown hair past her waist. Small D-cup. Konoka is Asuna and Negi's other roommate. She likes Negi like Asuna does, she's just more open about it. She has within her a strong magic power that has been held dormant for years. It was released once, but never since. She and her childhood friend Setsuna have been living as best friends again for years now, like they did before Konoka came to Mahora and Setsuna trained her sword arm. There are rumors that they've started doing some more adult things now, but now one has confirmed it, to Chamo's disappointment. Knowledgeable on anime and love.
Pactio artifact-Healing paper fans.
Friends: Asuna, Setsuna.
Magic: Knows, involved

Ayaka Yukihiro: Blonde hair the same length as Konoka's. Mid-C-cup. Asuna's lifelong friend/enemy, as well as one of her strongest supporters. Rich girl with a bit of a chip on her shoulder, though only around Asuna. Likes Negi a lot, but mostly in an 'isn't he cute' kinda way. It's a crush, really. But now that they're the same age, Ayaka realizes he's no longer the boy she knew, but is a man. This should take her fondness for him to a new level...It might also make her realize he's no longer the viable little brother substitute he once was (when she was a kid, her brother was stillborn), and she'll move on to someone else. But who?
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Asuna, Konoka, Chizuru, Natsumi.
Magic: Unaware

Nodoka Miyazaki: Shoulder-length purple hair, blue eyes. Small C-cup. Nice and sweet but VERY shy. Negi has 'very cute' written by her picture in his roster book, and it suits her. She has been in love with Negi for four years when this story begins, but they're kissed only once since their pactio (see below), to Negi's surprise. She wants him more than anything, but it makes her sad to have to compete with her friend Yue for him. Every so often, she catches herself having less-than-platonic thoughts about Negi, sometimes when looking in her artifact. She also catches half the class doing the same thing, which has caused her to distance herself from most of them, except the ones she knows aren't interested in Negi.
Pactio artifact-Picture-diary that shows her the thoughts of anyone who's name she calls out. Her 'rare' card gives her a collection of magic books that contain a sort of database of all the world's knowledge and information.
Friends: Yue, Haruna, Asuna.
Magic: Knows, involved

Evangeline A.K. McDowell: apparent age 16. Actual age, hundreds of years. Long silver-white hair, green eyes. Mid-A-cup. A vampire defeated by Negi's father and bound to Mahora Academy, Eva is far older than she looks, unless she uses a spell to make herself look her true age (or maybe a decade or eight younger). In order to dispel questions from anyone who may think her too young to be in high school, she uses an illusion spell to make herself appear 16. It's about the best she can do all day without it affected her schoolwork. Eva is as good a magician as Negi, and the two are in a sort of brittle truce. Negi has promised to break the curse on Eva, but so far he hasn't, or couldn't. Eva swears up and down she hates Negi, but her actions often say otherwise, sometimes bordering on semi-romantic. He reminds her of someone she used to be very fond of...
Pactio artifact-I wouldn't hold my breath for Eva to kiss Negi.
Friends: Hard to say. If anyone, it would be Chachamaru. Respects Satsuki.
Magic: Knows, practices

Chachamaru: Long green hair, antennae. Mid-C-cup. Evangeline's robot bodyguard, companion and housekeeper. A magically animated robot/golem hybrid, Cha-Cha has no feelings for Negi except curiosity. After all, robots can't feel love.....right?
Chachamaru is equipped with high-tech weapons and information gathering systems, all at Eva's disposal. She talks with the kind of monotone cadence of a robot, but her voice is very soft and has a trace of British accent. Chachamaru has recently undergone upgrades to make her look more like a high school student. Not only that, she's also gotten a new, very life-like 'skin', which covers her joints, as well as features new 'anatomical corrections'. Her creator, Satomi Hakase, has taken great care to make her look as much like a real high school girl as possible.
Pactio artifact-none. robots can't make pactios.
Friends: Cordial to everyone, but doesn't really consider anyone her friend.
Magic: Knows, involved, uses it to 'live'

Yue Ayase: Blue hair, always looks uninterested. High A-cup. Nodoka's best friend and rival for Negi's heart. Despite her low test scores in class, she's not really stupid, she just doesn't want to study. On paper, she's Baka Black through-and-through, but when she speaks her mind, her philosopher heritage (her grandfather was one), as well as her own wisdom and insight, shine through. Since Negi's first year, Yue has had a crush on him, though it hurts her to compete with her best friend of several years for him. She may end up letting Nodoka have him again, but then again....
Pactio artifact-A beginner's magic set, similar to the one Negi trained with.
Friends: Nodoka, Haruna, Konoka.
Magic: Knows, slightly involved through Nodoka

Fuka (small-C-cup)and Fumika (mid-C-cup) Narutaki: Pink hair. The cunning twins who once placed a prayer for Negi's love. They both love to play tricks on people, and have an unspoken but obvious bond. Very cheerful personalities, they want Negi both to love and just to have fun with. Ever since turning 16, they've become more introverted, spending lots more time alone together in their dorm. I wonder what they're doing in there...
Pactio artifacts-Eastern and western detectives. But what does it do? be honest i don't know. i've never seen them in use, so i really couldn't tell you what they do.
Friends: Kaede.
Magic: Unaware, but hope it exists

Ku-Fei: Blonde hair, tan skin. Small C-cup. A martial arts expert, Ku-Fei is very self-confident and energetic. She likes Negi, but not too bad. She's not exactly praying for his love, but she wouldn't mind it, either. Originally from China, her Japanese has only marginally improved from the 'cave-woman talk' of the manga, but it still isn't quite perfect. Things that would be contractions still somehow escape her. Those who see her fight, and who fight her, beg to become her disciple, especially the guys. Whether they want her strength or her love is uncertain, but either way they're wasting their time. However, only Negi has been granted the privilege/punishment of her hellish training. Ku has only ever given her teaching to Negi, and her love to no one. At least not openly.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Chao, Satsuki, Kaede, Mana. Respects Setsuna.
Magic: Knows through Kaede, doesn't use it

Setsuna Sakurazaki: Dark blue hair tied into a long tail on her left side. Mid-B-cup. A master swords woman, Setsuna was assigned by the dean of Mahora to protect his grand-daughter, Konoka. They've been friends since early childhood, and may have feelings beyond that....use your imagination. Now considered a master of Shinmei-ryuu swordsmanship, Setsuna has no doubts about her ability to protect Konoka. Since revealing her true nature to everyone during the trip to Kyoto, and finding acceptance, Setsuna now considers Asuna, Negi and to some degree Evangeline her friends, though the last one is more like she's grateful to her than she's an actual friend. Everyone who knows about her past, about her white wings and her banishment from her family, don't hold it against her. Konoka even calls her an angel.
An observant person might catch Setsuna staring at Konoka with blank, distant eyes and a smile between blushing cheeks. Well, maybe they wouldn't have to be THAT observant...
Pactio artifact-Telekinetically-controlled short-swords.
Friends: Konoka, Asuna.
Magic: Knows, involved

Kaede Nagase: Dark grey, almost black hair. Mid-D-cup. A kunoichi (female ninja) who is one of the original students who knew Negi's secret before it became fairly common knowledge, Kaede likes Negi in a platonic way, but that was before she saw him at her own age. Now, all bets are off for the lone forest-dweller. Very easy-going, even in battle, Kaede is one person Negi can count on for advice or help, both of which she's more than willing to give him. Extremely humble, addresses almost everyone as 'dono' (see below for explanations of honorifics) and uses various semi-demeaning phrases for herself, such as 'de gozaru' and 'Sessha' (a term samurai used to humble themselves before their lords; also the name of a fictional samurai who assisted women down on their luck).
Pactio artifact-Vanishing cloth that allows her to disappear into a house of some sort.
Friends: Fuka, Fumika, Mana, Ku-Fei
Magic: Knows, uninvolved

Sayo Aisaka-apparent age 15. Pale all over, white hair. Bra size not important since she's dead. A ghost who died many years ago, her soul is stuck in Mahora. She doesn't mind, and finds all the constantly changing students fascinating. She died trying to keep her sister's flower garden from washing away. She's too young in mind for romance, but she likes Negi as a friend and about the best teacher she's seen. Not as good or close a friend as Kazumi, but then again, no one else is that close to her. May appear in a sexual situation, but not in any active role. If Negi has sex with Kazumi, she might hold a camera or something, but she won't be joining in.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Kazumi.
Magic: Unaware

Kazumi Asakura: Dark spiked red hair. Mid-C-cup. An amateur paparazzi, Kazumi always has a camera close at hand to make sure she never misses a chance at a great picture. Negi would have done well to watch out for her when using magic if he wants his secret kept, but it wasn't to be. While saving a cat from being run over, Negi used a spell while Kazumi was watching, so he was forced to make a pactio with her. After finding out about Nodoka's artifact, she hung around her more too, since it got her leads on big stories. She's been close with Sayo for a couple years now, but has recently been hanging around Chisame a lot more. Could there be some less-than-friendly, or perhaps even more-than-friendly, reason for this? An internet idol and a photographer. There are several things that could indicate, but Chisame's site has seen a massive boost in photo quality...
Pactio artifact-Robotic cameras that operate from anywhere and send what they see and hear to a hand-held monitor.
Friends: Sayo, Chisame, Nodoka.
Magic: Knows, involved

Chisame Hasegawa: Long green hair. Low D-cup. Innocent schoolgirl by day, internet goddess by night! Her biggest fear is that her classmates, who she considers to be weirdos and lunatics, will find out about her site, 'Chiu's Homepage'. So far, only Negi, Kazumi and Sayo have (not counting teachers who 'just happened to have found it by accident'). Having turned 18, Chisame has changed her website from cosplay to full-on porn, though it's only been solo things so far (or has it?). Lately she's been getting a lot of requests on her message board to broadcast her own defloration, and she's strongly considering it. It would send subscriptions through the roof, after all. The only problem is, where to find a man in an all-girl's school. Hmm, where indeed?
Pactio artifact-A toy-like wand that allows her entry to cyberspace.
Friends: Kazumi (though she never says so).
Magic: Knows, wishes she didn't

Haruna Saotomi: Long green-brown hair. High C-cup. Nodoka and Yue's friend. A bit of a sadist at times. Less of a bookworm than they are, more of an artist. She spends a lot of time drawing manga, but since Yue and Nodoka became 16, she's shifted from action manga to yuri (lesbian hentai) starring characters that look suspiciously like her friends. One featured the defloration of her version of Nodoka, named 'Meiko' by a 'professor Silverberg'. Her two muses have no idea she drew these. Haruna likes Negi in a 'yeah, hes alright' way, but now that he's her age, she's sure to find herself thinking about him differently.
Pactio artifact-Drawing pad and pen that can make what she draws real.
Friends: Nodoka, Yue, Asuna (fellow artist).
Magic: Aware, involved

Makie Sasaki: Shoulder-length pink hair. Low B-cup. A cheerful, if not exactly brilliant gymnast, Makie's fondness for Negi has grown ever since Asuna's 13th birthday party (the last episode of Negima!). Now that she's older and has a basic understanding of sex, she's eager to find out everything about love, romance and sex from Negi. She is the quintessential Baka Ranger.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Ako (roommate), pretty much everyone.
Magic: Unaware

Mana Tatsumiya: Long black hair, dark skin. Mid D-cup. A gun nut/Shinto priestess. I wouldn't call her rude, but she has no tolerance for wasted words, or wasting her time. Respects Kaede, Setsuna and Fei-Ku and considers Zazie something like a friend, but is otherwise pretty anti-social. An amazing shot with any kind of gun, and willing to put her skills to work for the right price, regardless of who pays her.
Pactio artifact-Not sure, but my money is on some type of gun.
Friends: Kaede, Fei-Ku, Setsuna.
Magic: Knows, formerly involved

Zazie Rainyday: Short almost-white hair, two markings a tear and a 'scar' through her eye, on her face. Mid B-cup. A magician, but more like an amateur, low-budget David Copperfield than one like Negi. Card tricks, birds from nowhere, things like that. Aside from her quietness (she has two lines in the entire first Negima anime), her most recognizable trait is her almost vacant stare. Her eyes never open more than half-way, for anything. It's almost like she's seen everything happen a hundred times already and is bored with it. She's also the star of Mahora's Acrobatics club.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Mana.
Magic: Knows, just not about Negi's kind of magic

Satsuki Yotsuba: Semi-short black hair (about the same length as Nodoka's, but tied into small 'tails'), brown eyes. very large C-cup. Slightly chubbier than the other girls, but not fat. Satsuki is a rare girl. Not only is she considered a cooking genius since age 10; not only can she quell a potential fight with a few words; she's also gained Evangeline's respect. How? By keeping her feet on the ground and her eyes on the future. She, like Negi, doesn't just wish to be something, she strives for it. An extremely nice and intelligent person, Satsuki is hard-pressed to think of someone who dislikes her. She works before and after school with Lingshen at a trailer that was converted into a restaurant, the Chao Bao Zi, which is very successful due to their great cooking ability and guys who want to get a look at Chao and Chachamaru (who works there sometimes) in their waitress uniforms.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Chao, Ku-Fei, Chachamaru (all work at Chao Bao Zi, her/Chao's dining car),
anyone who stops in for a meat bun.
Magic: Knows, uninvolved (in this case meaning she doesn't use it)

Chao Lingshen: Black hair tied into two braids with that Chinese hair-ball thing (like Chun-Li on Street Fighter). Small C-cup. Genius. That's one of the only words that can describe Chao Lingshen. The #1 ranked intelligence at Mahora (of all the students in all grades in all buildings), Chao excels at absolutely everything she tries, from cooking to Chinese martial arts to complex robotics. One of the most formidable fighters in Negi's class, but also one of the nicest, Lingshen lends her brilliance to anyone who seems to need it, and always with a smile. However, just because she'll lend a hand doesn't mean she doesn't have a darker side and plenty of secrets. Her relationship with Negi, for example.
Pactio: None
Friends: Fei-Ku, Satsuki, Kazumi, Chachamaru.
Magic: Knows, involved (she can use it)

Satomi Hakase: Black hair tied into braids. Brown eyes behind glasses. Mid B-cup. Satomi is better than Lingshen at robotics, but that's because she focuses on it morning, noon and night. Good thing, because if not for her obsession with how robots work, Chachamaru might never have been created. Satomi knows about magic and is conducting research on it's scientific properties and potential. So far, nothing major. Or that's what she tells everyone, anyway. She's a nice person, but having spent most of her life alone in a lab, she's kind of weird around people. She's also horny, though she does her best not to let on.
Friends: Chachamaru, Chao.
Magic: Knows, uses for research

Shinobu Maehara: Shoulder-length purple hair, blue eyes. mid C-cup. Very Nodoka-ish. If you've seen Love Hina (yes, it's that Shinobu), you know what the score is. A while ago, she fell in love with an older boy who loved someone else. Eventually, they left the lodge they, Shinobu and several other crazy characters stayed at. After they did, Shinobu couldn't bring herself to stay there without him, so she saved her money and traveled around Japan, eventually running into headmaster Konoe, who, sensing her despair, bought her a beef bowl and listened to her story. So moved was he that he offered her half-price tuition at Mahora, payable whenever (like Asuna), so she could start over without being reminded of her lost love, Keitaro. She keeps in contact with the girls over at Hinata Inn, so one or two of them might stop by.
Pactio artifact-I'd like to know that too. Should be interesting...
Magic: Unaware

Chizuru Naba: Long brown hair, brown eyes. Mid D-cup. Astronomer, child-care-giver, and Natsumi's best friend/tormentor, Chizuru has all the appeal of a friend's mom who likes her kid's friends, perhaps sexually, but she's still somehow a teenager, if that makes any sense. That same feel of indirect-maternal-yet-sexual care. If you were to ask her, she could care less about holding onto the prestigious honor of having the biggest breasts among her classmates, but really, she's pretty proud of it.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Natsumi, Ayaka, Konoka.
Magic: Unaware

Natsumi Murakami: Short brown hair (dyed), brown eyes. Mid B-cup. Mahora's star actress, Natsumi has been Chizuru's second fiddle since grade school. She doesn't mind, no matter how much she complains about being picked on. She knows Chizuru is just practicing for her own teenage daughter someday. When not on the receiving end of her roommate's teasing, she acts in stage plays. She has generally low self-esteem and hates most everything about herself, from her natural auburn hair to her freckles. She lacks confidence in everything until she hits the stage, where she believes herself unstoppable.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Chizuru, Ako, Makie
Magic: Unaware

Ako Izumi: Short platinum hair, blue eyes. High B-cup. Already studying for medical school is leaving Ako little to no time for anything else. Which is why she would abandon it if she weren't so in love with the field of health care. Still, sometimes she gets the urge to cut loose and pursue her other loves: soccer, bass guitar and the boy she met during MahoraFest, who she has no idea was Negi using an illusion spell. She still thinks about him sometimes and asks Negi if he'll come back to Japan. He always avoids the question. Now that Negi looks like he did then naturally, maybe Ako can move past 'Nagi' (aged-Negi's alias, not the Thousand Master) in favor of someone more accessible. She's the star soccer player in her division.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Makie, Chizuru, Natsumi

Yuna Akashi: Shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes. Mid B-cup. The star of the Mahora basketball court, and a teacher's daughter, Yuna brims with confidence in almost everything she undertakes. Already being scouted by Mahora University's girls' basketball team and knows it. And don't think it hasn't gotten to her head. A pretty mellow girl usually, until a challenge presents itself. Very close with her father. Very. Close.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Akira, Makie, Mana
Magic: Unaware

Sakurako Shiina: Red hair tied into two side-spiked-puffs and two braids. Blue eyes, mid C-cup. All the enthusiasm and perkiness you'd expect from Mahora High's head cheerleader, yet none of the bitchiness. She and her fellow cheerleader Misa enjoy karaoke and, more importantly, guys. There's a rumor going around they often share them between themselves, and there's a lot of truth to it. Sakurako has secretly been counting the days until Negi turns 16 so he can join the ranks of the double-teamed. Now that that day has basically come, he better watch his back around karaoke bars.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Misa, Madoka, Ayaka, Makie
Magic: Unaware

Misa Kakizaki: Long purple-silver hair, matching eyes. High C-cup. Another cheerleader, Misa loves three things: cheering, singing and sex, all things she does with her friend Sakurako. She also enjoys western pop culture, especially music. She still likes Avril Lavigne (who was listed as a favorite in the manga), but has no gotten more into emo music like Panic! at the Disco.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Sakurako, Misa, Ayaka, Makie
Magic: Unaware

Madoka Kugimiya: Short black hair and brown eyes. Mid B-cup. The third cheerleader, and if any of them could be called a 'stick-in-the-mud', it'd be her. She never likes to go karaoke and she always stays home when her friends go look for guys. She's mostly there for the cheering, and she's very good at it. Her voice is a bit lower than Misa's, but she now considers herself a tenor rather than manish. Not even her best friends suspect, but she's had a crush on Negi ever since she saw him at the MahoraFest Budokai martial arts tournament.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Sakurako, Misa, Yuna, Akira
Magic: Unaware

Akira Okouchi: Long black hair and brown eyes. High C-cup. Swims like a fish, loves all things aquatic. Being around all those girls in swimsuits has made Akira a bit of a closet bisexual. If you buy the rumors, she's not closeted to a couple of her teammates (Yuna too, some say). She's been an athlete since childhood and is fairly strong. Pretty much a filler character, but i mentioned her a few times, so i thought i should explain her.
Pactio artifact-?
Friends: Yuna, Madoka, Makie.
Magic: Unaware.

Misora Kasuga: Very short gray hair. Mid B-cup. A nun who works in Mahora's Catholic church and a bit of a prankster. Not a major character in this story, but a fairly big player during MahoraFest.
Pactio artifact-Shoes that increase her running speed several-fold (this pactio was not with Negi)
Friends: Ako, Akira, Yuna.
Magic: Aware, involved.

Professor Takamichi Takahata. Age 38. A veteran teacher at Mahora, as well as a mage and Negi's friend since he was very young. For as long as she's been at Mahora, Takahata has been the object of Asuna's affection and her dreams. He however thinks of poor Asuna as more of a daughter than a potential lover. Ayaka, on the other hand.....
Pactio artifact-N/A
Magic: Aware, involved

Albert 'Chamo' Chamomile. age unknown, presumably an adult. Chamo is an ermine fairy. To put it another way, he's a talking, smoking, panty-stealing, advice-giving ferret-type creature. Very easy-going and a loyal friend to Negi (unless it's dangerous), Chamo was the driving force behind Negi's infamous 'partner-drive' in his first two years teaching. His motives however were not simply to play match-maker. He gets a 50,000 ermine dollar (i don't know what those are, why the 'Ermine Society' cares about pactios or how he spends them) commission for every partner Negi enters into a contract with. None of his former partners (see below for the list) knows it, but their contracts were only binding until Negi became an adult. Now that he is one, the contracts are null and he can now have only one partner. Who will it be?
Pactio artifact-N/A
Magic: Aware, involved

Nagi 'Thousand Master' Springfield-age and whereabouts unknown. Negi's father. Is he even alive? Maybe....

-All the girls wear blue and white uniforms that are different from the ones in the anime. This is because they're in high school now. If you've seen the volleyball episode, they now wear the same uniforms as their high school opponents. If not, well....i don't know what to tell ya other than the uniforms are blue and white.

-Ages and projected bra-sizes are guessed or altered to suit the story and other details are from memory. Inaccuracies are a real bummer, but i can forgive myself for a wrong or missing detail.

-The anime and manga have some differences, and for the most part i'm going by the manga, since it has more promising story potential. It should be accurate, with the following notable exceptions:
1: MahoraFest did not end with one of the students leaving.
2: If Negi eventually does find his father in the manga, he hasn't yet in this story.
3:Kotaro will probably not make a significant appearance. Sorry, Kotaro fans.

-Please excuse any inconsistencies. i'm basically improvising this story as i go and don't have any idea how things will turn out until i write it. i like to think this makes it unpredictable like real life, but it also lends itself to plot holes. i'll correct what i find, but if i miss one, try to let it slide.

-I've made more than just a couple references to a group called 'the Baka ('idiot') Rangers'. this refers to five of the girls, each of whom is also called by a second 'Ranger' name. the Rangers are Yue (Baka Black), Ku-Fei (Baka Yellow), Kaede (Baka Blue), Asuna (Baka Red), and Makie (Baka Pink). This group is so-called because of low test scores and in Makie's case, sheer airheadedness. if you're more familiar with the dubbed version, the Baka Rangers are also called 'The Idiot Brigade'.

-Ive recently seen about half of the episodes of Negima?!, a 'second' Negima anime, and will use some aspects of it here. I'm going to take a couple liberties with Negi's partnerships. On Negima!, only Asuna was ever his partner for any real amount of time. On Negima?, everyone wound up Negi's partner by the end of episode 14. In Crono04 presents: Negima, at this point, Negi's partners have been/are: Asuna, Konoka, Nodoka, Setsuna, Kaede, Yue, Haruna and very briefly Makie. Makie turned out badly, and Negi nullified the contract and erased her memory of it.

-I've changed the translated honorifics to the Japanese versions. 'Negi-boy' just doesn't sound right anymore and 'Asakura-girl' just sounds dumb. Besides, i've already used Set-chan and Negi-sensei, so why not go for it? If you aren't familiar with these terms, basically:

-san: The basic honorific. I'll usually omit this, leaving you to assume it's there. (Note: Asuna and later Nodoka do not use an honorific for Negi.) If and when someone falls in love with Negi openly, they'll likely leave off honorifics, since they've 'earned' calling him by name only.
-kun: Like san but for young people. This one i'm including because to me, kun goes with Negi like pepper goes with salt.
Sensei: Teacher.
-chan: This is either a)similar to kun but for girls or b)used to indicate fondness or cuteness, like with a pet, lover or close friend.
-sama: For those the speaker holds in high regard, or at least above oneself.
-dono: Like sama, but higher.
Aniki: Big brother, though not always literally.
Ane-san or Ne-san: Sister, again not always literally.
Ojou-sama: The female relative of one with high rank. (This will be used for Konoka when referred to formally by Setsuna since her father is an important figure and he assigned her to protect Konoka.)
-bozu: Kinda like kun, but almost teasing, like 'squirt'. Used by characters of Chinese decent or influence (Chao is not technically Chinese, but uses bozu anyway), and by Kaede.
(All information about honorifics is from the notes in the Negima manga. If i write something inaccurate, take it up with the translator at Del Ray.)

-Pactio cards. Basically, when someone makes a pactio, or probationary contract with Negi, she is given three cards. Which card Negi draws when activating the contract decides what the partner can do. after using a card, the partner changes back to normal, but very hungry and weak until fed. i'll explain the cards as best i can.
Appearance: Bigger than playing cards, more like tarot cards. They have a picture of the girl on them along with some info about them, like their alignments and things like that.
Types: Cosplay, Rare, and Suka
Cosplay Card: The most common type. These are the 'standard' cards. Unless otherwise noted, assume that when a contract is activated, a cosplay card has been drawn.
Rare: These are the highest grade of card and grant the most power. If Negi draws a rare card, the battle will almost certainly turn in his favor, regardless of the opponent. However the odds of this are low, hence the name.
Suka: These cards are a bad sign. They change the partner into a baby-sized version of herself in an animal costume. When a suka card is drawn, they become even more powerless than they were before the contract as active. Basically, if he draws this type of card, Negi is on his own AND has to guard the partner.
One more thing: on some of these character explanations, i put 'Pactio artifact-?', even if i do know what it is. This is so the reader, if they don't know, will have to decide on who Negi's partner will be without knowing the result, which will hopefully add some suspense and interest to the story. The ones i wrote out are the ones Negi knows what they'll be.

-If you plan on adding to this story (which i guess no one has yet, so this is probably moot), please try to keep it light hearted as much as possible. not trying to tell you how to write, but if you plan on making this really dark or REALLY unlike the anime (like, say, Chachamaru rapes Evangeline or Konoka and Nodoka do a drive-by on Negi), there are probably dozens of more appropriate stories on this site that would fit what you wanna say much better. writing a Negima story is fun for me, and it'll be difficult to continue from something like what i said above. also, please, no sex scenes between Negi and Chao Lingshen. there's a reason i didn't bring the 'taken by twins' section from the original story: now that i think about it, i disapprove of the twins' having sex (if you know what i mean), and i think this will be better without it. (if you get what i mean, good. if not, think of it as a riddle. but to just say it would spoil the real story for some people.)

-If events conflict with each other, i'll use the Negima! manga, since it's the 'official' story (i consider Negima? a fan-fiction. A damn good one, but fan-fic nonetheless). For example, in one page, Konoka mentions having never seen a pactio being made other than her own. While this is true in Negima!, in Negima?, she sees twenty-five made, which would make her saying she hadn't wrong.

-I'm assuming characters not from Japan speak in Japanese but think in their native language. For example, while Ku-Fei speaks a bit roughly sometimes, in her own mind she's using Chinese, so she speaks well. They also speak with people from the same country or area in their native language when alone, like when Negi and Evangeline talk, they speak English. Also, if you're imagining the voices as you read, Negi, Chamo, Evangeline and Chachamaru have their British accents, and Ku and Lingshen have different dialects than the others.

-All characters are 18 or older, expect for Sayo who stopped aging at 15 and Evangeline who stopped aging at 10. Both are actually far older, so i don't know if they're technically minors. Just to be safe, neither will be having any sex, and any sexual acts will be strictly non-sexual, the same as how kissing Negi for a pactio isn't the same as kissing someone because you love them. Also, Chachamaru is not 18 except in appearance. However, since she isn't alive, she can't be a minor in the legal sense any more than your refrigerator can. and since there's no law about having sex with your appliances, i'm pretty sure something like Chachamaru would be considered legal enough. Not that i really plan to have anyone nail Chachamaru, but it's good to have the option.

-At some point between when the series ended and when this story begins, several of the girls have lost their virginities. They are, in no particular order: Ayaka (to Takahata), Zazie (surprise!), Chizuru (to Kotaro), Natsumi (same. Kotaro you dog!), all three cheerleaders (Misa to her boyfriend, Sakurako to a guy she met while doing karaoke and Madoka to a guy on the baseball team) and Yuna (to her, uh....'coach'). Some of the others have sucked a dick or something, but haven't actually had vaginal sex. The rest are either complete virgins or are sexually active but still have their hymens (in other words, lesbians. Hey, its a girls' school!).

-You may have noticed that some of the 'minor' characters are more active here than in the anime. It's because they allow me some freedom with their character, yet familiarity. Plus, I think more could have been done with some of them. I really didn't see any reason why Zazie, Satsuki or Ako couldn't have been more involved. With that in mind, if you have a favorite Negima girl, let me know who she is, and i'll do what I can to get her into the mix.

-Roommates. The following is a list of roommates: Makie/Ako; Satsuki/Chao; Akira/Misora; Evangeline/Chachamaru; Nodoka/Yue/Haruna; Zazie/Mana; Asuna/Konoka; Sakurako/Misa/Madoka; Chizuru/Natsumi; Yuna/Ku-Fei; Chizuru/Natsumi; Fuka/Fumika; Ayaka/Kazumi. Sayo doesn't have a dorm, Chisame and Setsuna live alone and Kaede and Satomi both have non-dorm living arrangements. The Negima!? arrangements, for the most part, if that helps.

Important terms:
Magister Magi-A term used for full-fledged wizards who have graduated from magic academy, passed their probationary period (in which they have to be among normal people while keeping their magic a secret) and have a Ministra Magi. Negi is still on probation, though his probationary period is almost up, as well as his ability to get as many partners as he wants.

Ministra or Ministerial Magi-A Magister's partner, back-up and companion. The Ministra's job is to protect the Magister with hand to hand combat while the magister prepares spells and are vulnerable to attack. A mage and their partner are bound into a magic contract through a brief ceremony called 'pactio' (more on this later), and the ministra is given power from the magister, as well as a unique artifact. What the artifact is depends on the partner. For example, Nodoka, a quiet librarian, got a book that reads thoughts, whereas Asuna, a loud, fairly violent person with a secret soft spot, got a fan that can become a sword.
Magisters are almost always of the opposite sex as their ministra. Magisters can also have only one Ministra upon turning 18. Usually...

Pactio-This is the ceremony that binds magister magi to their partners and vice-versa. It's done by first drawing a magic circle, then having the two being bound stand in it and either kiss each other (the preferred method) or exchange blood. Once done, the ministra is granted powers borrowed from the magister which increases their strength, speed and reflexes, as well as giving them an artifact.


What Happens Next?

          Class in session once again

          Ideas and concpets-NOTHING BUT SPOILERS!

          Negi's arrival


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