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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 16


Bob: “Sue, remove your blindfold and fix a light supper for 4. Have it ready in 30 minutes.”

Sue: “Yes Sir” and moved to the kitchen to prepare their meal.

Bob: “5, Jane”

Bob: “Open your mouth a bit more, and spread your legs another couple of inches. Good, that is much better. Now crawl forward.” As Jane crawled forward, Bob guided her mouth to his engorged cock.

Jane: As soon as she felt his cock she knew what to do. Taking it in her mouth she began bobbing her head, fucking his cock with her mouth.

Bob: Crops Jane’s ass smartly 3 times. “You will do exactly as I say and no more than that slave. Did I tell you to suck my cock?”

Jane: Removing her mouth from Bob’s cock she stammered “No Master, I’m sorry Master, I only wanted to give you pleasure.”

Bob: Crop’s Jane’s ass even harder “If I have your mouth busy, you will not reply. You may nod, grunt, or moan to signify your understanding and acceptance. Now, bury my cock in your mouth. I want to feel your nose touch me. Then you will hold it there until I tell you other wise.”

Jane: was already stuffing Bob’s cock down her throat, nodded her head yes in acceptance.

Bob: “Well done slave” as he opened his cell phone and called Linda.

“Linda, bring 3 sets of outfits instead of 2. They are all the same size. You will meet me at this address. You will be wearing a body harness. You will have a wet pussy and hard nipples. You will be on your hands and knees when the door opens. You will crawl into the room and await instructions. You will be here in exactly 25 minutes, and it is a 15 minute walk from your store.

Linda: “Yes Master”

Bob: “Now you may tittie fuck my cock Jane. Hold your mouth above your tits, and wet the head of my cock as it emerges from your tits.”

Jane: “Yes Master” as she dropped saliva on her breasts, and leaned forward. Cupping her breasts around his swollen cock, she slowly slid them up and down. At each downward stroke she took his cock in her mouth, applying more saliva and stroking his now super sensitive glans.

Bob: “A little slower, I want this to last a few minutes longer.” Bob moaned

Jane: Continued to administer to his cock. She worked hard to maximize breast contact and pressure, while lubricating and caressing the head of his cock with her mouth.

Bob: “Hold still now while I fuck your tits.” 5 strokes later Bob was exploding on Jane’s breasts and mouth. After 4 hours of physical, mental, and visual stimulation he could contain himself no longer.


The door bell rings

          The door bell rings


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