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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 15


Bob: “Jane, fetch me a crop and blindfolds”
Jane: “Yes Sir” as she almost sprints out of the room.

Bob: Looking at Sue “Move through the positions, hesitating for 20 seconds at each position”

Sue: “Yes Master” and proceeded to go through each position while Bob walked around her enjoying the show and looking for possible improvements. As she paused at each position, Bob mentaly envisioned the multitude of opportunities for each one. It was mind boggling.

Jane: Returns with the crop and blindfolds, holding them out to Bob

Bob: “You may stop now Sue. Both of you put on the blindfolds and assume position 1.”

Jane and Sue in unison; “Yes Master”

Bob: “Grab your elbows with your hands. That looks much better. See how your breasts thrust out just a little further, and helps keep your back straight.” Bob flicks the crop on Jane’s inner thigh. “A little wider, you must remain fully exposed to me at all times. Nice job Sue, but part your mouth some more.” Bob said as he rewarded Sue by rubbing the crop on her nipple.

Bob: “2”

Jane and Sue drop to their knees.

Bob: Flicks the crop once on each buttock. “Back to 1, you are a matched pair and must perform that way. The movement from each position must take exactly 3 seconds, except for the movement from position 9 to position 1, which you will do in 5 seconds.”

Jane and Sue both flinch as the crop strikes them. “Yes Master” they say, but Jane is faster with the words than Sue. They jump to position 1, again out of sync.

Bob: Whistles the crop harder, stroking each ass twice. “In unison, my pets. You must move together and speak together or I will be displeased.”

Jane and Sue in unison: “Yes Master”

Bob: “Much better, but I can see that you will need more practice. I am disappointed; you told me you had trained yourselves. Obviously we will have to improve on this”


Sue, remove your blindfold

          Sue removes her blindfold


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