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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 14


Bob rings the bell and almost immediately Jane and Sue enter the room and stand in front of him with their arms behind their backs and legs spread wide.

Bob examines his new slaves. They have on matching leather body harnesses and high heel shoes, nothing is hidden from view. ¾” straps began at the 1 ½ “ neck collars and ended just below the outside curve of their breasts. Another strap encircled their breasts and attached to the strap from their neck collar, and extended down and around to their waist strap in back. Another strap extended downward from the short strap between their breasts to the waist strap. The last narrow strap ran between their legs and snapped into place on both the front and back. Numerous D rings were strategically placed all along the harnesses. Completing their ensemble were leather arm, wrist, thigh and ankle cuffs with D rings and snaps.

Bob was in agony, his body demanding relief. His cock had been hard almost continuously since they entered the club and now these two beauties stood in front of him awaiting his command.


What is Bob’s first command?

          “Jane, fetch me a crop and blindfolds”


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