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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 13


As Jane put her key in the apartment door, it was opened by a woman in a robe. “Are you all right? I didn’t think you would be this late.”

Jane: “Yes, I am fine.” Jane glanced at Bob, “Actually more than fine.” She said with a grin. “Bob this is Sue, my room mate. Sue this is Bob. You may remember each other, Sue was at my desk this afternoon when you stopped by.”

Bob and Sue exchanged Hello’s while they entered the Living room.

Jane:“Sue, I am going to move in with Bob for a week or so and just need to pick up a few things. I will be just a few minutes.”

Sue: “Sorry about the ploy at the office. We were worried that you might be a weirdo or something and she didn’t want to be alone with you until we could size you up. Obviously you have made a good impression so far, or she wouldn’t have invited you to our apartment.

Bob: “Thank you, I hope so. She is a wonderful ummm girl.”

Sue: “You don’t need to be bashful, Bob. You can call her your slave in front of me. We wrote those stories together, and I helped her compose her reply to you. We have roomed together since college, and think very much alike, but have never been sexually intimate.

Bob: “She is an awesome slave. Jane performed perfectly, and without hesitation. Without a doubt it was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen.

Sue: “I imagine you will find a way to top this evening” Sue said with a grin. “I am going to help Jane for a bit, help yourself to a drink at the bar if you like. While you are waiting there is some interesting reading on the end table that would be well worth your while to read.”

Bob poured himself a drink and sat on the sofa and picked up the “interesting reading” Sue had pointed out.

Congratulations, you have passed the first test in our search for a long term Master. Following is a list of qualities and expectations we desire.

1: Ability to control your Lust and orgasms so the sessions do not end abruptly in just a few minutes.
2: Expect and demand obedience from us at all times. In return, we expect to be disciplined as you see fit if we displease you in any way.
3: Health certificate and blood work showing you to be free of diseases. (We will supply the same.) We do not expect you to only have sex with us, but we do demand that when you do, get another checkup.
4: Unlike many contracts we will not have any code words. The only limits are death, asphyxiation, dismemberment, permanent scars, blood letting, prison, or anything approaching these limits. We may or may not get personal enjoyment from certain acts you will require, but we will receive pleasure from knowing we are serving, obeying, and pleasing our Master. We expect you to test our limits during this trial period.
5: We have a 4 bedroom condo, so there is plenty of room if you wish to live here. One bedroom has been recently converted to our dungeon, one is the Master bedroom and we each use the remaining two bedrooms. All arrangements are obviously subject to your desire and approval should you wish to live here.
6: Below are drawings and descriptions of positions we have trained ourselves on. You need only say the number and we will assume that position.

1) Standing with arms behind our backs, legs spread
2) Kneeling upright with torso and knees straight up, hands behind our backs
3) Kneeling with our cheeks on our ankles, hands behind our backs
4) Kneeling with our cheeks on our ankles, leaning back ward and supporting our weight with our hands on floor.
5) On our hands and knees, legs spread
6) On our knees, head to the floor, hands behind our backs
7) Flat on our stomach, legs and hands spread wide
8) Flat on our back, legs and hands spread wide
9) Flat on our back, ankles at our cheeks, knees in the air, hands behind our head.

Either leave, or Ring the bell if you wish to pursue this agreement or discuss the requirements.


Does Bob ring the bell?

          Bob rings the bell


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