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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 10


Linda untied the neck loop exposing Jane’s breasts. “As you can see, you can very quickly access her breasts for your enjoyment.” Reaching around Jane, Linda cupped Jane’s breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingers. “In a matter of seconds you can begin enjoying her breasts from either the rear or,” Linda move to the front of Jane and played with her breasts again. “the front.”

All three were breathing hard and flushed from the exhibition Linda and Jane were putting on.

Grinning wickedly, Linda moved behind Jane and said “This is one of the unique parts.” Linda grasped Jane’s hands and placed them behind her back, taking up the two neck straps she pulled them around Jane’s waist and used them to tie her wrists. “See, you can go from a killer out on the town evening dress to bare breasted bondage in just a few seconds.”

Bob watched as Linda teased and played with his trussed up slave Jane. Afraid to even touch his cock or he was sure he would cum in his pants. Jane was panting and trembling, her need was so great. Bob imagined her sweet juice oozing down her thigh, moaning as he dreamed of tasting her.

Enjoying every moment, but knowing she was running out of time, Linda showed the final surprise. Uncovering a hidden zipper, she removed the lower dress. Jane stood naked except for the band around her waist, with her hands tied behind her back.

Linda stood in front of Jane and cupped her mound while caressing one breast she leaned over and began nibbling and sucking on her other. Linda slowly worked her finger deeper, bringing Jane to full lubrication.

Involuntarily, Jane worked her hips in unison with Linda’s strokes. “No my sweet, you will remain still unless I instruct other wise.” Linda demanded

“Yes Mistress” Jane moaned in frustration.

“On your knees.” Linda ordered as she removed her panties.

Immediately Jane went to her knees saying “Yes Mistress, as you wish Mistress”

Unable to help himself, Bob was stroking his cock through his pants, mesmerized by the activity in front of him.

Linda straddled Jane’s face, smearing her juice all over. Jane eagerly started licking Linda’s swollen lips, tasting her sweet nectar. Losing all control Linda pulled Jane’s mouth tight toward her, furiously fucking Linda’s face and tongue. Screaming and Moaning, Linda shuddered violently as her orgasm racked her body.


Linda admits losing

          I lost the bet


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