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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 8


Jane turned toward Linda and waited.

Linda approached Jane and started adjusting the material of the dress. She pulled on one of the straps covering Jane’s breasts until she revealed a nipple just starting to harden. “A little too loose I think, don’t you Bob?” Linda said as she untied the neck and pulled it up a smidgen.

Linda tugged yet again, on both straps this time until both nipples were showing. “I think that will work fine, you shouldn’t usually have that much tension put on the straps.”

Leaving Jane’s breasts exposed, Linda twirled her finger in a circular motion. Jane turned in a circle once and stopped facing Linda. “No, twirl 5 or 6 times very fast, we need to find out how hard you have to swing to expose your inner thighs.”

“Hmm” Linda said, “I think we need to let it out just a bit. Remove the dress and I will fix it quick.”

With a glance at Bob, Jane obediently removed her dress and handed it to Linda. Linda headed toward the sewing room to make the alterations.


While Linda was gone Bob

          Bob gazed at Jane

          bob kisses jane


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