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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 5


“I swear I have never heard of anything like it” one lady said. “She was in there moaning and obviously playing with herself.”
The other lady said “You could even hear how wet she was, then every once in a while she would say something like Thank you. I wonder… quiet, here she comes now.”

Jane came out of the bathroom and looked around for Bob. Finally she saw Bob at the bar and nervously came over. Bob enjoyed the moment, Jane was obviously humiliated by her actions and knew that the two ladies were the ones that had been in the bathroom while she masturbated.

Bob held his hand out expectantly.

Jane hesitated, her face flushed and body trembling, then gave Bob her panties and said “For you Master”

Bob accepted the panties and hung them from his shirt pocket for all to see. Then he took one of her hands and sucked a finger clean of all traces of her juice.

Bob looked straight at Jane and ordered her “You may lick the rest of your fingers clean now”

Without hesitation Jane said “Yes Sir” and began licking and sucking her fingers clean.

The nearest lady at the bar, gasped in astonishment “Oh my god girl, why would you do that for any man?”

Bob nodded at Jane, empowering her to answer, even though it was intended as a rhetorical question.

While looking directly at the pair of ladies Jane answered. “He is my master. I exist to give him pleasure and will do anything he instructs me to.”

Take aback, the ladies were quiet for a moment, then one asked simply “Why?”

“I enjoy serving; I receive more pleasure by giving pleasure than most do in their normal relationship. I may not orgasm as often, but the orgasm’s I do have are more exquisite than ever before. I don’t have to worry about trying new things and worrying about what people will think. I do not have to make any decisions; my Master makes them for me.”

The first lady stared at Bob, then at Jane. “Do you mean to tell me that if he ordered you to lick me to orgasm, you would do it?”

Jane answered “Yes, if my Master instructed me to.”

Bob watched the exchange between the two women in wonder. Jane had just bared her soul and explained her truest, deepest feelings. This is more complicated than I thought. It was true that Jane would do anything and everything he desired. The hard part was that he would also have to balance his desires with her trust that her Master would not exceed her limits.

Bob knew that Jane would service this woman if he so instructed her. She had just said so, out loud even. But Bob knew that while he would enjoy watching the two women together, it could be the beginning of the end in their relationship.

Bob watched the woman undress Jane with her eyes. Her hardened nipples and parted lips told the whole story.

Jane's trembling legs, flushed face and erect nipples showed that she too was filled with lust and desire.


Does Bob require Jane to service the other woman?




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