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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 4


“I agree to these terms, Master.” Jane said as she signed the document and handed it to Bob.

Bob gave his first orders. “You will go into the women’s bathroom and take a stall. Remove your bra and panties, put your bra in your purse. You will masturbate until you are soaking wet. Then you will alternate so that every finger on each hand has been soaked from the tip of your fingers to your palm. You will leave each finger in while you count from 1001 to 1030. After you remove a finger, you will say out loud. “Thank you Master.” After you have finished, you will return to me with your panties in your hand and you will say “For you Sir”.

Jane’s hands were trembling, her face flushed as she said “Yes Master” as she left the booth and headed toward the women’s room.

Bob’s cock was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it. OMG he thought, can this be real? One of my fantasies that I thought would never, ever happen. Slamming down his drink, Bob went up to the bar to order another. He had to move around or he was afraid he would shoot right there in the booth. Bob watched the door to the women’s room while waiting for the bartender to mix his drink. He watched as two ladies came out, laughing and giggling.


What happens next?

          Ladies talk about Jane


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