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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 3


“Let’s agree to a one week trial period.” Jane said

“I agree.” Said Bob, as he pulled some papers from his briefcase. “This is a contract that specifies what I will expect. Please read it carefully and make notations on any adjustments you feel you may need.”

Jane took the contract and started reading it.

This contract is between Bob and Jane.

By signing this document, Jane agrees to be Bob’s slave for a period of (1 week) starting at 6PM (todays date).

The code words will be: Yellow for warning – this is almost too much. Red for cease immediately - I can not do this.

Bob agrees he will not do anything to endanger my job or my life, and nothing will be done to me that will cause permanent scars. In all other things I agree to do exactly as Bob says.

I understand I will be punished for hesitation or disobeying an order.
I will dress exactly as Bob says.
I will keep my pussy clean shaven at all times.
I will address him as Sir or Master in private. In Public I will address him as Bob.
I will not speak unless spoken to or given permission.
I will refrain from any sex or masturbation unless Bob directs it.
I will withhold orgasms until given permission by Bob.
For the length specified above, I agree to live with Bob and that I exist only to serve and give pleasure to my Master.



Does Jane sign as is or make changes?

          As is:

          Modifies the contract


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