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A co-worker discovers submissive's fantasy's | masbdsm | 2


After work, Bob rushed home to the computer to research all of the stories by JDRSUB to try and discover her preferences.

He was 90% sure Jane was the author, but it could be awkward to prove it. If Jane was the author, then he needed to be dominant during their conversation. If she wasn’t, he would need to be very careful about what he said. He damn sure didn’t want to lose his job, but the thought of having a personal sex slave drove almost all thoughts of what could go wrong from his mind.

Promptly at 2:45 Bob arrived at Jane’s cubicle, but she was busy examining a report with another lady.
Jane glanced up and saw Bob. Flushing she looked at her watch and said “I’m sorry, would you mind waiting a few minutes while we finish this up?” “I over booked my appointment schedule.”

Bob was somewhat taken aback because this wasn’t going at all like he had rehearsed it. Regaining his composure, Bob managed to say without stammering “That will work out fine, I have some details to finish up anyway.”

Bob examined Jane out of the corner of his eye while pretending to work on the papers in his lap. Jane looked about 5’9” and very nice looking. She wasn’t a run way model but would certainly rank at the top of almost anyone’s list. Surprisingly she was dressed rather moderately, not all what you would expect if she was actually the author of what he had read last night.

The brunette Jane was working with though, was dressed to the nines. Her tight blouse showed off her cleavage and narrow waist. She was bent over Jane’s desk looking at the report, which pulled her mid length skirt up some in the back showing off a great pair of legs. Bob’s eyes followed the legs down to a nice set of black 4” heels. Pulling his eyes away from the brunette, Bob watched Jane work on the report.

Jane was a model of efficiency, underlining items in the report, checking the computer screen, then back to the report for more investigation.
Jane looked up a saw Bob examining her, but Bob never broke his gaze. After a few seconds Jane blushed and looked back down at the report. Finally, Jane said “There it is! We have it now.”

The brunette gave Jane a somewhat intimate hug and said “Thank you Jane, I would have never found it by myself. I think you should go ahead with that project we discussed, it should work out fine.”

Jane stood and came around the desk and held her hand out to Bob. “I am SO sorry about the delay” she said as she took Bobs hand. Jane let her hand linger in the handshake, while staring straight into Bob’s eyes and said “If there is ever anything I can do to make it up to you, please let me know.”

Never missing a beat, Bob smiled and said “Let’s take care of this paperwork first and then we will go to the club across the street and discuss it.”

Bowing her head slightly, Jane said “As you wish”

Bob almost visibly shuddered as he heard those words. She must be the author; every thing she had said and done would lead you to believe it. But how could he be sure?

Speaking with a voice that belied his inner turmoil Bob demanded more than asked “Shall we go”

Jane looked him straight in the eye again and said “Yes. But may I make a phone call first?”

Grinning inside and sure that he was right, Bob said sternly “You may”

“Thank you” Jane said as she punched a number on her cell phone. “Sue? This is Jane, I am stopping at a club after work and will be home a little late. See you later!”

Neither spoke as they made their way down the elevator and across the street into the club. Bob picked out a quiet booth in the corner away from most of the drinking crowd. The electricity was almost jumping between them as Bob pondered how to proceed next. After they had ordered their drinks, Bob asked “So what do you do for a hobby?”

Jane hesitated then said “I write stories and post them on the internet, which I think you well know.”

Emboldened, Bob asked “Do you write fantasies or do you live what you write?”

“Both” Jane replied. “What about you Bob, do you fantasize about what you read or live it?”

“Until now? Fantasize” Bob said. “If you agree, I think we should both live our fantasies together. Starting right now.”


Jane’s reply is?

          Shall we agree to a one week trial period?

          Yes Master


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