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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | masbdsm | 7


“Very well” you say. “You may begin by fucking my cock with your mouth.”

eagerly begins working your cock with her mouth and tongue.

You gasp involuntarily as she slowly withdraws her mouth from you. She stops when reaching the head of your cock and lightly clamps her teeth down and begins flicking her tongue on the head. Forcing your cock deep, she constricts her throat and applies pressure causing you to lose all control as you explode into her mouth. milks every drop as you slowly regain your composure.

“That has to be the best blow job I have ever had.” You say “Stand and you will be rewarded.”

Trembling and panting with unfulfilled desire, stands in front of you. You cup her left breast in one hand, her erect nipple between your thumb and forefinger. You pull her towards you with the other hand and begin kissing her as you roll her nipple. Hungrily she tries to devour your mouth, as she humps your groin, vainly trying to obtain relief.

You push her back slightly and admire the view. Her hands are still tied behind her back with her own underwear. Her face flushed and her eyes staring at you, trying to communicate her need for fulfillment. You look at her heaving chest with erect nipples, down to her slightly parted thighs. You notice her still slowly humping the air, with just a hint of moisture showing.

You cup her pussy with your left hand, inserting the tip of your finger. Slowly you work your finger deeper as she tries to impale your finger in her pussy.

“No, remember you may not move or orgasm unless I give you permission.” You say to her.

struggles to remain still as you slowly finger fuck her. Moving to her left side, you moisten your right hand finger with saliva, and begin slowly working it into her asshole. You alternate finger penetration, first one finger deep in her pussy, then withdraw as you insert the other in her ass and brush your hardening cock on her thigh.

Moaning and trembling, fights to hold her orgasm.


Do you allow her to orgasm or not?

          Yes and you make a discovery…


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