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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | masbdsm | 11


pushes the new slave to the floor. "On your back bitch."

After she rolls over, leans down and grabs her nipple, applying enough pressure to make the slave gasp. "Have you forgotten your training bitch?"

"No Mistress," she gasps. "I'm sorry Mistress! I won't forget again Mistress."

"Two demerits bitch," snaps. "Embarrass me in front of my new male sub. At least you will be able to show him what happens when you don't obey, or forget your training."

"Bring the medium whip Clarice," says, as she squats on the slave's face, which puts your cock right in front of her.

"Yes ," Clarice replies.

"Lick it well bitch or you will suffer even more."

"YES Mistress."

"Slowly bitch," says "You know I like it that way."

"Yes Mistress," the bitch tries to say, with her face covered by 's pussy.

starts flicking your cock and balls with her finger. She then runs her tongue from the base of your balls to the tip of your cock.

Clarice FINALLY shows up with the whip.


What is the bitch's next punishment?


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