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Disney Swinger Bash | Shendude | 7


Aladdin turned to leave, bu Pocohantas reached out and grabbed his leg.

"No pleas, don't go, don't leave me! I need more! Please!"

Aladdin turned.

"Need more what, bitch?"

"Cock! YOUR cock! My MASTER'S cock! I'm a filthy slut-whore bitch and I need to be used! I'm YOUR filthy slut-whore bitch, your dirty, trampy slave-girl sex-toy and I NEED you to USE me, to abuse me! PLEASE TAKE ME!"

Aladdin was somewhat astonished by this outburst. He had, mostly, been playing, and he's assumed the Indian princess had been as well. But the look of sheer, raw NEED on her face told him that she was completely sincere.

He wasn't sure he was comfortable with this though.


Does Aladdin give Pocohantas what she wants?

          He Gives Her What She Never Expected


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